2018 - About us

GFA Consulting Group has a sound track record of providing effective solutions to the challenges in the global consulting market. Based in Hamburg, the company has implemented complex studies and projects in over 130 countries since 1982.

Leading development agencies, ministries and public clients have entrusted GFA with helping them to manage projects financed through bilateral and multilateral funds. Working in cooperation with stakeholders in government, the private sector, NGOs and citizens’ groups, GFA balances innovation and reliability to meet local needs.

The company’s international recognition as a dependable partner is incorporated in a set of values which focuses on performance, innovation, credibility and quality.

GFA Consulting Group provides outstanding services in strategic business areas which result from adapting to market developments. This change process is supported by GFA units, offices and subsidiaries worldwide. Hence, new themes are continuously integrated into the existing GFA portfolio. Each theme is documented in a factsheet that portrays GFA services and project references. All factsheets can be downloaded from an overview page.

For a general company profile, refer to the GFA Consulting Group brochure:

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Corporate success

Based on a decentralized organizational structure across all disciplines and regions, GFA’s commen­dable corporate success is deeply rooted in

  • a strategy process and knowledge management translating latest market develop­ments into action plans for all operational units,
  • flexible staff recruitment and human resource development for a rapid response to market demands, 
  • a conducive working atmosphere and social commitment confirmed by regular staff surveys,
  • rigorous quality management for core operational processes enhancing project performance and customer satisfaction,
  • a solid equity stabilization safeguarding em­ploy­­­ment and knowhow, and opening up opportunities for further growth,
  • the awareness of all staff members that they benefit from the company’s success, not only as employ­ees but also as shareholders.