Economic growth strongly depends on the performance of an efficient financial sector. Effective financial institutions providing reliable services provide a sound and sustainable foundation for a country’s economic development. Creating a favorable legal and regulatory environment is a general precondition in this context.

GFA approach

GFA Consulting Group implements projects and builds capacities in developing countries and emerging markets. Our experts aim at developing financially self-sustainable institutions and at improving their performance continuously.

We promote sound banking routines and operations management according to best industry practices and international standards. GFA teams focus on the creation of internal capacities to ensure lasting and rollout effects.

GFA services

GFA fosters the development of effective financial institutions providing micro, small and medium enterprises with services on a sustainable basis. We provide tailor-made assistance in the fields outlined below.

Sustainable energy finance - We assist financial institutions in establishing renewable energy and energy efficiency finance as a profitable business segment. Also, GFA supports the development of innovative loan products and lending technologies.

SME finance - Our experts follow a comprehensive approach to SME finance. It comprises the set-up of specialized SME units, product development, credit scoring techniques and manage­ment information systems.

Microfinance - GFA promotes the development of sustainable microfinance institutions which specialize in offering low-income clients a broad range of affordable financial services.  

Agricultural and rural finance - We recognize the complexities of agricultural and rural finance related to high transaction costs and a special risk profile. Our experts provide innovative and tailored solutions to enhance access to financial services for rural and agricultural entrepreneurs.

Banking advisory services - The GFA approach starts with bank re-engineering and the reforming of financial institutions. This includes strategy and business planning, risk management and human resource development.