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posted on 28 Jan, 2016

GFA fund raising campaign for refugees in Hamburg

In 2015, more than 22,0000 refugees newly arrived  in Hamburg, bringing the total to 61,000. In light of this challenge to its host city, GFA was intent on contributing to regional help. The company launched an internal fund raising appeal with a special incentive: Every Euro donated by a staff member would be redoubled by GFA.

GFA personnel chose Sprachbrücke-Hamburg, a non-profit initiative in Hamburg engaged in language courses for asylum seekers and foreign fellow citizens, to receive the donations. A total of 7,435 euros donated by GFA employees were matched by GFA so that a total of 14,870 euros could be collected.

Ms Grüttner, the treasurer and deputy chairperson of Sprachbrücke-Hamburg, received the donation check at GFA headquarters in December, 2015. On this occasion, she presented the efforts of the initiative which works in small teams all over Hamburg. Instead of formal language training, the teams facilitate regular discussion groups and other activities for refugees as to overcome language barriers. In the beginning, the public charity was exclusively staffed with volunteers. But the rising number of refugees quickly increased demand so that Sprachbrücke-Hamburg decided to extend its services. Organizing even more discussion groups and managing the high number of volunteers needs regular coordination. Therefore, the initiative has meanwhile hired a full-time staff. 

>> Sprachbruecke-Hamburg e.V.

by  Klaus Altemeier