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posted on 16 Mar, 2017

GFA supports EU Gateway and Business Avenues Program

The objective of the EU Gateway and Business Avenues Program is to strengthen the presence of European small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in key markets and contribute to economic growth and job creation in the EU. Since 2016, the program promotes trade, investment and business cooperation in key markets such as China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Japan (since 2017), and creates business links for SMEs to these markets using the Gateway methodology for market entry and business services. In addition, the program complements efforts to remove remaining regulatory obstacles through regular dialogue and facilitates market access of EU companies to strategic sectors in the key markets.
The program's Central Management Unit (CMU) implemented by GFA is responsible for the overall coordination of the program and for the development of operational tools and procedures until 2020. This particularly encompasses maintenance of the Gateway methodology and its implementation across targeted markets. General branding, communication and promotion of the program in Europe and building relations with key multipliers such as business associations is another major task. In addition, the CMU conducts relevant market and sector analyses.

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by  David Heck