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posted on 3 Feb, 2017

Regional Capacity Development in Afghanistan

Since early 2016, GFA Consulting Group has been assisting GIZ with three service packages of the Regional Capacity Development (RCD) project in Afghanistan. The project on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development aims at capacity development of the Afghan administration's service delivery at sub-national levels, particularly in the Badakhshan, Baghlan, Balkh, Kunduz, Samangan and Takhar provinces.

The German federal government supports the implementation of the of good governance principals in the country with a focus on the rule of law, political participation and public administration. The overall objective is to increase the trust in the legitimacy and the functional capacity of state institutions and to improve the provision of government services. By the end of 2017, the project intends to have reached improvements at three levels of intervention: A - vertical cooperation in a multi-level adminstrative system, B - administrative capacities and C - the relationship between state and society at sub-national levels. GFA provides technical assistance through three service packages.
GFA experts have been conceptualizing and implementing an impact-oriented monitoring system. Initial work included all clarifications prior to the establishment and a technical solution for the system.  The system safeguards reliable information and data sources, and establishes links, responsibilities and cooperation structures for the regular provision of relevant information. The overall project management uses information generated by the monitoring system for analysis and steering purposes.
Knowledge management and strategic communication are part of Service Package 2. This concerns relevant knowledge resulting from project implementation experiences. The set up of an internal knowledge management system facilitates systematic extraction of relevant lessons learned within the program. In addition, GFA has developed and implemented a communication and visibility strategy for the RCD project, part of which is a comprehensive 30-page brochure "Promotion of Good Governance in Afghanistan – RCD". This service package has also been supporting the conceptualization of thematic field C, and provides assistance to capacity development activities regarding public outreach and participatory processes between sub-national administrative structures and the local population.
Service Package 3 entails the management and implementation of RCD interventions in the provinces of Samangan and Baghlan, where intervention fields A, B and C are being tackled in-depth.
>> Download RCD Afghanistan brochure German
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by  Dr. Ilona Schadl