The GFA code of conduct

GFA Consulting Group derives its code of conduct from the company`s vision, mission, and core values. The company’s most critical asset is its professional credibility and the international recognition it enjoys as a dependable partner for its clients.

GFA stands for a distinctly customer-oriented approach, supplying services and products with the highest ethical standards and professional integrity. This is how the company inspires confidence and trust in all of its partners.

Numerous clients have entrusted GFA to catalyze change that initiates improvements in quality of life and leads to sustainable solutions at the individual, organizational and system level. The GFA Code of Conduct complies with internationally accepted ethical standards of corporate governance and competitive practices, such as the FIDIC Code of Ethics and the United Nations’ Global Compact Principles.

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HIV/AIDS policy

GFA Consulting Group recognizes the seriousness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its impact on the workplace. Therefore, GFA has established an HIV/AIDS workplace program, which ensures a consistent and equitable approach to the prevention of HIV/AIDS among employees and their families. This policy complies with existing laws on discrimination, working conditions, health and safety, and with the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work.

The specific provisions of the HIV/AIDS Workplace Program are based on the principle that GFA does not tolerate discrimination against or stigmatization of employees or job applicants on any grounds, including HIV status. GFA rejects HIV testing as a prerequisite for recruitment, access to training or promotion. The company facilitates access to awareness and education on HIV/AIDS. 

GFA will treat employees who are infected or otherwise affected by HIV/AIDS with empathy and care, in a discreet and private manner. The company will provide such staff members with all reasonable assistance including medical and counseling services and sick leave. All staff of GFA in Germany is insured in accordance with national labor laws ... more


Families in mind

As a responsible, medium-sized company GFA creates incentives for its staff to balance career and family. Highly qualified staff members are GFA’s greatest asset. Their satisfaction with the company’s working environment is vital to

GFA’s capacity to serve its clients. GFA strives to be a role model in this context. Flexible working hours allow employees to work from home and facilitate part-time arrangements.

As job requirements can at times conflict with childcare needs, GFA supports solutions by partially subsidizing the child care needs of its employees. GFA’s corporate policy eases parents’ return to the workplace, providing them the opportunity to gradually return to work after a parental leave ... more