Art meets GFA

Artists have been regularly exhibiting their work at GFA’s Volksdorf headquarters in Hamburg. Here you can get a short overview of some of the artists and their work of art.


Art meets GFA - Alejandro Soto

Alejandro Soto, born in 1962, originates from Valparaiso in Chile where he studied architecture in the 1980s before he moved to Germany in 1990. His work often refers to urban themes while his oil painting exhibits partly express subjects from Valparaiso... more

Art meets GFA - Armin Metzger

Armin Metzger lives in Hamburg as a painter, sculptor, and illustrator. His paintings move between realism and surrealism. Paintings by old masters and topics from mythology inspire him, as do his travels to Southeast Asia and South America... more

Art meets GFA - Cornelia Gentzsch

Cornelia Gentzsch was born in Leipzig in 1982. She studied Theology and has been working as a pastor at the Volksdorf parish in Hamburg since 2014. Her artistic potential was fostered through advanced courses on game and theatre pedagogics as well as creative pastoring ... more

Art meets GFA - Hanno Edelmann

Pictures of Hanno Edelmann are on display at GFA headquarters from the end of January to the end of April 2016. His extensive works comprises paintings, sculptures and bronze reliefs are impressive. GFA exhibits some of his aquarelles, lithographies and wood cuts. The Hamburg painter received his artistic education at the Hamburg Academy of Performing Arts... more

Art meets GFA - Marianne Grote

From August to December 2015, Volksdorf artist Marianne Grote holds an exhibition of mostly landscape and maritime impressions at GFA headquarters. Marianne Grote enjoys playing with the border of specific and abstract expression so that viewers gain room for their own interpretations. The artist experiments with different materials and techniques to express her creativity.... more

Art Meets GFA - Sabine Kuck

Sabine Kuck’s exhibition at GFA comprises works of her series “Universe” and “Between People”.  The latter is a project that presents people’s movements, daily situations and relations. The paintings were created spontaneously, not consciously as a result of a specific situation. Her paintings are on display at GFA headquarters from April to August 2015.... more

Art Meets GFA - Anna Weber and Angelika Daasch

Anna Weber and Angelika Daasch share a studio since 2008 that means inspiration, motivation, meditation and fun to them. While Anna was inspired by her brothers, Angelika  studied at Kunstschule Zürich. Selected works of Anna Weber and Angelika Daasch are on display at GFA from mid December 2014 to early 2015.... more

Art Meets GFA - Björn von Schlippe

Björn von Schlippe, born 1966, works as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, and has been a lecturer on storyboards at the Bildkunst Akademie Hamburg for many years. He has been drawing cartoons for various professional journals regularly. ... more

Art Meets GFA - Anja Kobarg

Anja Kobarg discovered art when she finished her teacher training in 2007. At that time, she dedicated a whole semester at HBK Braunschweig to her final exam and her first exhibition. Her self-determined subject focused on people’s motions, expressions and interactions with other humans and with objects. ... more

Art Meets GFA - Carsten Friedrichsen

Carsten Friedrichsen is a painter, illustrator and graphical designer who studied at Kunstschule Alsterdamm in Hamburg. He has had exhibitions at churches and galleries and offers workshops and art classes since 1982. ... more

Art Meets GFA - Anett Schadowski

Artists have been regularly exhibiting their work at GFA’s Volksdorf headquarters in Hamburg. Soon, ‘Arts Meets GFA’ will serve as a platform for online visitors to catch a glimpse as well. Currently, Anett Schadowski has a collection of her paintings exhibited at GFA. Her paintings are experimental, large-sized and expressive ... more

Art Meets GFA - Sylvia von dem Busche

For Sylvia von dem Busche, being creative is a way of seeing, of being more alert. She likes the combination of contrasts, of the expected with the unexpected, of ambiguity.... more

Art Meets GFA - Wolfgang Müller-Commichau

Wolfgang Müller-Commichau is a German painter who swings between the informal and the representational. In both his informal works and his representational exhibits it is the vigor of expression that captivates viewers. ... more

Art Meets GFA - Ulrike Bahl

Painter, illustrator and graphical designer Ulrike Bahl creates most of her colorful and expressive paintings in her studio in Hamburg. Meetings, situations and moments while on the move or in daily routine inspire her work. ... more

Art Meets GFA - Silvia Ibach

Silvia Ibach loves painting in water colors. As water is her medium, colors flow and at times develop a dynamic of their own.To Silvia Ibach, painting in water colors is like life itself – always in full flow. ... more

Art meets GFA - Kerstin Carbow

“The power of colors and words” is Kerstin Carbow’s motto. To the painter and calligrapher from Volksdorf, change and metamorphosis are central themes of her art. She looks for these short moments of subtle transformation when the invisible comes to view.  ... more