GFA Social Projects – GFA BRIDGES 2017

As an expression of the social commitment by GFA staff, we foster small projects in developing, newly industrializing and transition countries. GFA staff and their dependents propose eligible projects in which they have been actively involved.

A limited number of these projects are selected and financed by GFA on the basis of transparent criteria. GFA staff also assess the impact of the social projects supported.

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India: Promoting local livelihoods and gender-sensitive sustainable forest management

In 2017, GFA Bridges supports a project aiming at promoting local livelihoods and gender-sensitive sustainable forest management by supporting sustainable harvesting and marketing of NTFPs and by strengthening capacities of women and community-based organizations in the Sirsi landscape.... more

2017/Brazil: Football for development

In October 2017, GFA Bridges launched a project to improve the social and emotional development of children and young people in Ceilândia using the Social Training methodology developed by GIZ together with Brazilian and German football organizations. Ceilândia is located on the periphery of the country’s capital Brasília.... more

2017/Rwanda/Burundi: iKonekt - ICT trainings for Burundian refugees

Since the outbreak of the political crisis in Burundi in April 2015, more than 400,000 Burundians have fled their country and sought shelter in neighboring countries. The Mahama refugee camp in Eastern Rwanda is currently hosting more than 50,000 Burundian refugees without access to information and communication technology. Especially teenagers and young adults suffer from limited access to modern ICT infrastructure. ... more

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Improvement of an orphanage

In October 2017 GFA Bridges launched a project to support the only orphanage in Madimba, a town about 100 kilometers far from the capital city of Kinshasa. The project aims at improving the equipment and infrastructure of the orphanage originally established in 2007. The center provides food, shelter and basic education. ... more

2017/Madagascar: Rural electrification in the village of Ambatoharanana

In October 2017, GFA Bridges launched a rural electrification project through the installation of solar energy kits in each of the six hamlets making up the village of Ambatoharanana, in Madagascar. ... more

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