GFA Social Projects – GFA BRIDGES 2016

As an expression of the social commitment by GFA staff, we foster small projects in developing, newly industrializing and transition countries. GFA staff and their dependents propose eligible projects in which they have been actively involved.

A limited number of these projects are selected and financed by GFA on the basis of transparent criteria. GFA staff also assess the impact of the social projects supported.


Madagascar: Improvement of water supply

In October 2016, GFA Bridges launched a project to improve the water supply, sanitation and public hygiene in the village of Amboniarivo. The village is located in the rural area of Tulear, about 240 km south-west of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar... more

Cameroon: Support of the Ivoirian immigrants

Members of the Association of Ivorians in Cameroon have diverse backgrounds. Some settled as craftsmen in Cameroon to earn their living and others are just passing through the country with Angola, Gabon or Equatorial Guinea as their final destination for work in the oil fields... more

Afghanistan: Extending of digging the drinking water well of Neeswan Bentulhoda high school

Everyone knows about the war in Afghanistan, but few know about the water difficulty in the country. Afghanistan was once a flourishing country with beautiful panoramas and plentiful food and water supplies... more

Russian Federation: Waste separation and collection in the village of Pasha

GFA Bridges is financing a project on separate waste collection in the village of Pasha, which has about 4,000 inhabitants and is located 175 km away from St. Petersburg. The project aims at establishing a system of separate waste collection... more

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