EU Framework Jobs

The EU Framework Contracts are agreements between the EU and contractors to provide short-term specialist services on an 'as required' basis and mobilized at very short notice. GFA has been involved in framework contracts since 1999. During this time, we have been providing our services as a partner company under different lots of the Framework Contracts and have been able to develop procedures and management systems in order to provide high-quality and cost effective short term technical assistance. 

At the moment, GFA Consulting Group is involved in the following FWC:

  • FWC BENEF Lot 8 (EuropeAid/132633/C/SER/Multi)
    GFA is a consortium partner (with AEDES) in this FWC. The scope of the services to be provided is categorized in 15 technical sectors in health, across all project cycle stages and for all beneficiary countries. If you are interested in a potential cooperation in this lot, please contact Ms Alvean Fentener at
  • FWC BENEF Lot 9 (EuropeAid/132633/C/SER/Multi)
    GFA is leading this consortium. The objective of this framework is to provide short-term technical assistance through specific contracts worldwide in the fields of Culture, Education, Labour Market and Employment. Should you be interested in this lot, please send your up-to-date CV to Ms Liliana Tiedt


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