Selected Projects: Peace and Security

Peace and Security

Peace building by improving employability , Timor Leste

GIZ, 2017 - 2019
Contract Value: € 1.16 million

The project addresses the improvement of income and employment opportunities for marginalized young people in Timor Leste in order to contribute to the countries` peace... more

Peace and Security

Post-conflict reconstruction, Ethiopia

KfW, 2014 - 2018
Contract Value: € 771,580

The program aims at reducing conflicts and achieve continental peace and security. GFA contributes to institutional strengthening and improved coooperation between the African Peace and Security Architecture... more

Peace and Security

National reconciliation, Togo

EU, 2012 - 2016
Contract Value: € 928,074

GFA supports civil society in Togo in its effort to promote national reconciliation. The program encourages civil organizations to fulfil their roles as political actors and means to improve their institutional framework... more

Peace and Security

Peace fund secretariat, Nepal

EU, 2013 - 2016
Contract Value: € 1,750,000

GFA supports the Nepal Peace Trust Fund, which has been created to support the implementation of the national peace agreement. Our experts establish an adequate structure for enhancing coordination in... more

Peace and Security

Peace process , Guatemala

GIZ, 2010 - 2013
Contract Value: € 199,570

This program provided advice in three fields of the peace process. GFA experts  assisted government and non-governmental organizations in facilitating reconciliation. They  supported the national civilian police... more