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posted on 17 July, 2017

MagiCube for scaling up access to water supply and sanitation for the urban poor

Scaling up access to water supply and sanitation for the urban poor is complex. Solving this ‘Magicube’ depends on the right formula. GIZ has developed a Scaling Up framework based on the six sides (modules) of the ‘MagiCube’: Sanitation Chain, Access to Water, Financing, Information Systems, Implementing Actors and the Sector Framework. ... more

posted on 12 July, 2017

GFA newsletter 02/2017 on ICT4D

Information and communication technolo­gies for development (ICT4D) play a crucial role in the implementa­tion of the 2030 agenda for sustainable develop­ment. Digitalization is a game changer for the organization of development cooperation as such and the implementation of proj­ects in particular.  GFA embraces ICT4D wherever these help ac­complish development and improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries the company cares about.  ... more

posted on 10 July, 2017

GFA supports the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

In April 2017, GIZ awarded GFA a contract to evaluate structures and processes of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (BnT) as a basis for drawing up recommendations for improving the latter, and for drafting the future orientation and constitution of the Partnership. BnT was established in October 2014 as a multi-stakeholder initiative and aims at achieving social, ecological and economic improvements along the textile supply chain. ... more

posted on 3 July, 2017

Art meets GFA: Dana Szymanczyk and Ronny Steinbrück

Dana Szymanczyk and Ronny Steinbrück are a photographing couple from northern Germany - in Hamburg and Bremen. They call their exhibition „Pins on a Map". This title stands for different places and contexts in which the photos have been made. Starting in June 2017, a few exhibits can be viewed at GFA. The photos are thematically very different, showing staged motifs and spontaneously taken ones on the road or in everyday life. ... more

posted on 23 June, 2017

Inclusive municipal development and decentralization in Madagascar

As of March 2017, the GFA Africa Department has been supporting GIZ in Madagascar in implementing the Inclusive Municipal Development and Decentralization project. The project aims at empowering rural municipalities as key actors in local economic development. GFA is responsible for services in the project's intervention area 2, Local Economic Development, while cooperating closely with three GIZ-implemented intervention areas.... more

posted on 19 June, 2017

Feasibility study on livelihood restoration in Mozambique

From June to September 2017, GFA is conducting a feasibility study on livelihood restoration in the context of an ongoing resettlement program in Limpopo National Park (LNP) in the south-western part of Mozambique. LNP is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP), and it is of particular importance. Human activities such as agriculture, construction, livestock and charcoal production put significant pressure on the park’s natural resources. ... more

posted on 14 June, 2017

Electricity System Emission Factor updated for the Southern Africa and Development of a Financing Mechanism

With financial support from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Southern African Power Pool and GFA updated an emission factor covering the electricity system of nine interconnected countries in Southern Africa. The emission factor recently passed validation by TUEV.
... more

posted on 12 April, 2017

Facilitating market access for yak herders in Mongolia

In 2013 – 2016, the Green Gold program financed by Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) aimed at promoting collective actions for sustainable rangeland management and improving herders’ access to markets and know-how. GFA, together with consortium partner GEFAK, was responsible for Component 4, i.e. the facilitation of market access by linking yak and camel herders to processing companies. The primary beneficiaries of the project were about 25,000 herders in Western Mongolia, about 25 processors and various facilitators in the market system.
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posted on 7 April, 2017

Support towards the Continental Free Trade Area for Africa

In January 2017, a team of a GFA-led consortium kicked off a cooperation project of the African Union Commission Secretariat and the EU Delegation to the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The EU-funded project will provide technical studies in support of African Union negotiation process for the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) for Africa. Now the first in a series of studies has been commissioned.... more

posted on 16 March, 2017

GFA supports EU Gateway and Business Avenues Program

The program's objective is to strengthen the presence of European small and medium enterprises in key markets and contribute to economic growth in the EU. Since 2016, the program's Central Management Unit has been implemented  by GFA in promoting trade, investment and business cooperation in key markets such as China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and since 2017 also Japan. Links to these markets are created by using the Gateway methodology for market entry and business services. ... more