C³ Private Sector: Supervisory Skills Development in SMEs

GIZ, 2015 - 2017

The “Supervisory Skills Training Program” is part of the GIZ’s Labour Market Access Project (LMAP) to support the Federation for Economic Development Associations (FEDA) and its member associations. The C³ training scheme’s overall purpose is to improve job quality in small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) of the manufacturing sector in the Suez Canal Region. More specifically, it aims at supervisors and their better understanding of their roles and responsibilities when leading production teams. Topics coveres focus on good communicating and a workplace dialogue which eventually may result in a changed organisational culture at the job floor and help prevent abuse and harassment of workers. Ultimately this increases worker retention and productivity.

After a three-month preparatory phase, the training scheme started in July 2016 with the first face-to-face courses, following the C³ methodology. To date, staff members of 35 SMEs have been involved from the garment and pharmaceutical sectors in the Suez canal region. 130 supervisors, seven local trainers, and three FEDA association staff participated in eight training cycles each composed of four components (2 days training, 4 weeks coaching, 2 days training, 4 weeks coaching). Furthermore, eighteen selected local trainers and five lead supervisors participated in a tailor-made C³ trainer course and in a course about coaching/advising. These newly trained local trainers will be coached as they deliver an additional training rounds. Job improvement measures accompanied in more than 35 SMEs have potentially affected more than 9.000 workers, subordinates of trained supervisors, out of which 55% were women.

The project will be prolongued until 2019.

Contract value: € 1,658,050


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