C³ Public Sector: Monitoring and Evaluation in public service

Enabel – Belgian Development Agency, 2017 - 2020

The project is part of the “Support to the Development of Human Resources” (SDHR) Project of ENABEL implemented in cooperation with the respective sector ministries and the Ministry of Finance. The project was devided in three phases: Phase 1 - Elaboration of an organisational self-assessment and Phase 2 - Elaboration of a training plan. In Phase 3 a Sectorial Technical Committee decides whether applying institutions qualify with their product for particicpating in the training and coaching phase. These training courses aim at enableing staff members to meet the required level of knowledge and skills, be used at their individual workplace according to the institutional specific strategy.

For phase 3 - GFA services comprise the provision of up to 20 C³ training courses on Monitoring and Evaluaiton. Courses last five days each and aim at participants form public insitutuions in the sectors health, education and environment. During the course participats develop personal and institutional action plans “linking learning to performance”. Participating institutions are located in Western- Northern- and Central Region. Overall around 250-300 participants will be trained.

Contract value: € 355,674


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