Digitalization opportunities

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a crucial role in the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Digital technologies connect people and organizations around the world in an instant. They enhance access to information, participation and dialogue, reduce transaction costs and can be a motor for innovation by providing new business opportunities.  Therefore, GFA actively embraces digitalization opportunities for improving the quality of life of beneficiaries.  

GFA concept and services

As a dynamic company with experience around the globe, GFA balances innovation, flexibility and reli­ability to meet local needs. ICTs for devel­opment (ICT4D) are used in all our business areas to further enhance the quality of GFA services. We test and adapt technological solutions to local needs in e-learning, optimization of information flows, citizen participation, market places, tracking and recognition, monitoring and evaluation, and other fields. Mobile devices, sensors, drones and satellites help us monitor local projects around the world, making results visible and connecting projects with beneficiaries in near-time. Large amounts of geo-referenced data integrated from various sources allow for more precise analyses. This helps our teams provide individualized information to remote areas. We also support governments in modernizing administrative processes facilitated by ICTs, promoting accountability through efficient and transparent communication and advancing citizen participation. Our trainings help bridge the digital divide by fostering e-skills and promoting digital entrepreneurs. We use ICT-supported management systems to improve efficiency internally and in our projects. At the same time, we believe that data security is integral to digital transformation. GFA is continuously looking for the best technical partners in ICT4D in order to complement our competencies and to bring forward technical evolutions in development cooperation. We offer our partners the possibility to pilot and apply new approaches and technologies under real-life conditions. GFA uses digital technologies related to a broad range of issues - from agriculture and rural development, natural resource management and governance to health related issues and private sector development.

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