In 2015, approximately 37 million people have been living with HIV. The sub-Saharan countries are most affected - around one out of twenty is HIV positive. South- and Central- Asia are the second most affected areas. One third of the world’s population is infected with Tuberculosis (TB), with the highest prevalence rates again in sub-Saharan Africa, and South- and Central-Asia. Infectious diseases remain a major threat in developing countries. Diarrheal illnesses, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB are on the list of the top ten causes of deaths there. Prevention and control measures need to be combined in order to reduce death rates in the long run.

GFA approach

GFA’s Health department has advised a variety of clients on the implementation of disease prevention and control projects. Long-standing experience has provided the company with the competence to take on complex tasks. At all times the empowerment of the client is at the focus of the project. Capacity building, systems strengthening and advocacy are key elements of the GFA approach. The GFA Consulting Group assists local ministries, agencies and experts in developing and implementing their strategies and plans.

GFA services

GFA assists local clients in the fields of disease prevention and control. Consulting services are offered in the fields of HIV/AIDS and TB, multi-drug resistance prevention, treatment and control. Individual clients are assisted in designing and customizing national prevention and treatment programs. Main fields of technical assistance in this regard comprise needs assessments that effectively target the issue at hand. Social marketing campaigns efficiently reach out to target groups over great distances.

Other services include the procurement of essential drugs and medical equipment that support local health facilities to offer quality health care services. Trainings of medical staff aim at the improvement of medical care in the project regions. Finally, monitoring and evaluation of the projects are key services of GFA.


Eva Schildbach


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