WHO defines the term health system as the sum total of all organizations, institutions and resources whose primary purpose is to improve health. A good health system not only requires well-developed financing mechanisms, well-trained staff and good management, but also good infrastructure to deliver high quality standards regarding medicines and technologies. Most developing countries lack at least two of the mentioned indicators of a good health system. Highly populated countries face particular challenges as they need to organize health coverage of much bigger population groups. This becomes a major financial problem if the proportion of the poor outnumbers the proportion of the middle-income or rich.The means available to improve health systems in developing countries are generally limited, but there is still potential that can be tapped. Capacity development and measures strengthening health systems are applied to achieve this goal.

GFA approach

The mission of GFA is to provide access to quality health services for the poor. In many developing countries weak health systems infrastructure does not allow for high quality service delivery. For more than 20 years, GFA has therefore been assisting agencies, ministries and organizations in improving health systems in their countries. GFA consultants work as project managers and technical advisors. Many years of hands-on experience qualify them to advise on multi-year and complex health system reform processes.

GFA services

The GFA Health Department offers a wide range of services in health systems strengthening, e.g. capacity development activities such as reforming and restructuring organizational setups, establishing legal frameworks and improving technical infrastructure. In addition, trainings and workshops on financial, strategic and quality management are offered to local staff. Health financing is another key element that aims at universal health care coverage. GFA assists ministries and organizations in project countries with technical and strategic inputs. GFA also advises on optimizing daily processes in order is to increase workflow effectiveness. In addition, GFA experts improve monitoring and evaluation tools, which ensure the detailed documentation of organizational processes.


Joachim Gromotka


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