© Eberhard Riebel Competitive skills and available jobs are crucial. Yet, they do not automatically lead to employment. Many labor markets feature a substantial mis-match between the skills demanded by employers and those possessed by job seekers. A lack of reliable labor market information, transparency and guidance on the job market further hinders accurate matching of graduates with industry demand. Our services are geared towards improving labor market functioning by systematic information gathering and relevant service provision of the responsible institutions and authorities such as ministries of Labor, employment agencies and career offices in educational institutions. Improved labor market information further enables more targeted training and retraining measures for job seekers. Our key services in the field include:

  • Structured labor market analysis and information systems (LMIS) – including e.g. sector-wide labor market surveys in Nigeria
  • Advisory on labor laws, standards and labor market policies – e.g. supporting the diffusion of social standards in the textile sector in Bangladesh
  • Career guidance, counseling and school-to-work transition – comprising for in-stance the organization of career fairs in Afghanistan and the qualification of job counselors in Pakistani TVET schools
  • Job placement and matching services by public employment agencies and private providers or networks addressing specific target groups – e.g. model employment agencies for youths
  • Targeted qualification and (re)integration measures for disadvantaged groups (e.g. women, disabled persons, refugees) – such as for example active labor market insertion measures for women in Jordan
  • Entrepreneurship schemes


Inke Hase
Department Director
E-mail: inke.hase[at]gfa-group.de


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