C3 Training – Improving public health services worldwide

GFA Health department and the C3 Training Unit collaborate in developing public health trainings, e.g. in safe blood transfusion services or HIV/AIDS at work. The latter case is outlined below and illustrates the core of C3 trainings. The training consists of three modules designed in an interactive and participatory fashion suitable for local clients and project teams. The modules focus on the following themes

  • Working with HIV/AIDS in a local context – Prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Living with HIV/AIDS – Self-reflection, soft skills and non-stigmatization
  • Designing and implementing an HIV/AIDS program at one’s own workstation
The C3 training method has proven particularly valuable for discussing all public health related topics. The related trainings make use of approaches such as action learning, simulation exercises, group work, discussions and case studies.

Join-In-Circuit, Nepal and Central Asia

The Join-in Circuit (JIC) is an interactive educational tool, originally designed by the German Federal Centre for Health Education in the 1990s to strengthen HIV/AIDS prevention efforts. By now the interactive tool has been used in more than 25 countries worldwide within GIZ-supported Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights projects. In Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, GFA has successfully implemented JIC as a key intervention to reach young people with information, discuss attitudes and promote healthy practices. GFA adapted the participatory tool to the cultural context of each country, trained non-governmental organizations in its implementation and scaling-up.  More than 24.000 adolescents in Nepal and 15.500 adolescents in Central Asia could be directly reached this way.

Data Quality Audit (DQA), worldwide

After successful completion of the Data Quality Audit Framework with 20 audits all over the world, GFA signed a three-year contract for health facility assessments (HFA) in 2016. The HFA assesses the quality of health facility infrastructure and services to support planning, management, risk assessment and quality improvement of the health facility system. The areas of a HFA are: Service Availability, Management & Finance, Service Readiness, Quality & Safety of Patient Care and Data Quality. GFA finalised the first HFA in Zambia in 2016/2017.

Office of the Global Fund's Inspector General (OIG), worldwide

The OIG mission assesses the effectiveness of current implementation arrangements concerning three aspects, i.e

  • the effectiveness and adequacy of The Global Fund's strategy for grants identification,
  • the assessment and mitigation of material risks,
  • and all Global Fund processes to assess the capacity of Principal Recipients for new grants.


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