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Constanze Schaaff

Constanze Schaaff is the director of the Natural Resources Management & Environment Department since 2023.

Minnattallah Boutros

Minnattallah Boutros is a portfolio manager in the Natural Resources & Environment Department. She is an expert on tropical ecology and biodiversity by training (and passion) and leads the NRME Africa portfolio since 2017. Originally, she was mainly working on large international and interdisciplinary scientific projects (funded by BMBF) in West Africa, supporting Capacity Building and the development of sustainable solutions for biodiversity conservation. She joined GFA in 2015, with a strong focus on large KfW conservation projects in francophone, sub-Saharan Africa. Her special duties in GFA include the security task force and business development for Côte d’Ivoire and Togo. In the NRME department, she has additionally taken on the responsibilities as a security backstopper, and is the focal point for Environmental and Social Standards in projects and sustainable procurement.

Uwe Gebauer

Uwe Gebauer is a portfolio manager in the Natural Resources Management & Environment Department.

Andreas Graefen

Andreas Graefen is a portfolio manager in the Natural Resources Management and Environment Department. He has been with GFA since 1990, working in various positions and technical fields at both the GFA headquarters and in GIZ and KfW-financed long-term missions abroad. His past positions include chief technical advisor and team leader. Having started out as a consultant in agriculture & rural development in Africa, today his main thematic focus and expertise lies within the field of sustainable forest management, climate sensitive landscape restoration, biodiversity conservation, and land management in Europe and Asia. Andreas has undertaken numerous appraisals, feasibility studies and program evaluations. He holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics from Göttingen University.


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