Specialized Units

Learn more about our specialized knowledge and projects in the ares of climate change, digital innovation, framework contracts, food, nutrition & policies, and the C³ Unit for Better Learning.

Joachim Schnurr

Joachim Schnurr is the director of the Climate Competence Center. During his professional career, he has dealt extensively with emission reduction activities in a number of sectors focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and forestry projects. Since 2001 he has developed renewable energy and carbon financing solutions and established contacts to the private sector and political institutions. He has assisted German export initiatives for renewable energy and energy efficiency technology regarding financing opportunities, and supported implementation of renewable energy financing facilities in South Africa, Russia and Turkey. His consultancy activities also include providing policy advice on climate and energy-related issues to governments and private entities.

Christian Caspar

Christian Caspar is the manager of the Framework Contracts (FWC) Unit, that was first established in 2018 as a result of increased framework contracts being launched. Christian holds a Master´s in Development Sociology from the University of Bielefeld. He joined GFA as a consultant in 2007 and is working on Framework Contracts since then, first in the Health department, later also in the Education, Skills and Employment department. Christian has more than 20 years of experience in development cooperation and has worked in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Christine Fröhlich

Christine Fröhlich is the director of the C³ Unit for Better Learning. She has almost 30 years of experience in development cooperation and works for capacity development projects worldwide. As a trained banker holding a degree in Economic Geography, she was initially engaged in private sector development and micro finance in the first part of her career. During the last two decades, she shifted her focus to better learning and training. An additional Master´s degree in Adult Education has recently reinforced this working experience. German is her mother tongue, but she is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese due to long residencies in various countries.

Dr. Linda Kleemann

Dr. Linda Kleemann coordinates the Digital Innovation Cluster at GFA Consulting Group. She also leads the Digital Innovation Unit that specialises in data-driven services, and digital strategy and policy. Linda has worked in numerous data projects, involving data collection and acquisition, processing, analysis and visualization, as well as the setting up of monitoring and information systems. As an economist with a PhD in Agricultural Economics, her background is in empirical research, in particular impact evaluations in Africa. Prior to joining GFA in 2015, she worked at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

Dr. Elfriede Maußner

Dr. Elfriede Maußner is the Corporate Sustainability Manager at GFA and is in charge of the Food & Nutrition Policies Helpdesk. She graduated in nutrition science and home economics at JLU Gießen. After her PhD in infant nutrition, she worked in food & nutrition security, local development and in natural resources & disaster risk management projects in Latin America. Back at GFA headquarters, she worked in the public sector development portfolio, in decentralization, public finance and social protection policies. In her current position, she is focusing on the UN guiding principles, the SDGs, sustainable food systems, and nutrition in healthcare. She has worked for GFA for more than 25 years.


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