Internal Services

Dr. Edda Meinheit

Dr. Edda Meinheit is the director of the Human Resources Department. She has been with GFA for over 20 years, having previously worked as a specialist consultant on agricultural projects. In the 2000, she contributed to the company’s growth by establishing a professional HR and Recruiting department. In the following years, this became a central pillar of the company, with a focus on the value and the needs of the employees. Trained as an economist with a Ph.D. on agricultural economy from the University of Göttingen, she has a strong generalist background on human resources. She has developed her skills with further education in organizational development, staffing/recruitment, HR information systems, job descriptions and evaluation, compensation and benefits. Edda is fluent in English and French alongside her native German.

Regine Reuter

Regine Reuter is the director of the Recruitment Department. She holds a Master in Horticulture from University of Hannover and in tropical Agriculture from SupAgro (CNEARC) in Montpellier. Regine started her career as Junior Consultant in development cooperation in the sector Agriculture and Rural development with assignments in Africa and Asia.
After several years as personnel consultant in a leading recruitment company and in an institution for further education she joined the Recruitment Department at GFA in 2011.

Dagmar Röhr

Dagmar Röhr is a team manager in the Recruitment Department. She started her career at GFA in 2005 as an assistant to the Latin America regional department but then discovered her passion for recruitment. Over the past years, she has developed her skills and experience in recruiting – and is proficient in finding suitable experts for GFA’s worldwide projects, and qualified consultants for GFA’s headquarters in Hamburg. She holds a master’s degree in linguistics and development economics. Apart from her native language German, she is fluent in English and Spanish, and has a working knowledge of Portuguese.

Liliana Tiedt

Liliana Tiedt is a team manager in the Recruitment Department. Upon graduating with degree in economics, Liliana started her career in development cooperation working for GIZ, EBRD and USAID in Moldova. Complementing the working experience by a master degree in European Studies from the University of Hamburg, Liliana joined GFA for over 20 years. As consultant and recruiter, she participated in identifying and mobilizing the team of experts for a wide range of projects. Liliana is native in Romanian and Russian and has working knowledge of English, German and French.

Megann Boussert

Megann Boussert is a team manager in the Recruitment Department. After earning a master's degree in Political Science from a French “Grande École”, Megann joined GFA in 2016 as an administrative coordinator at the Water, Sanitation & Waste Management Department; followed by a stint within the Education, Skills & Employment Department as a Junior Professional. While she thoroughly enjoyed both of these roles, it was in the Recruitment Department that she found her true home. Since 2020, Megann has been doing her best to make everyone - colleagues and experts alike - feel motivated and happy. In this role, her expat perspective has been a tremendous asset when building teams to support colleagues.

Isabella Zubrzycka

Isabella Zubrzycka ist the director of the Financial Project Management Department (FIP). She has been working for GFA since 1998. After completing her commercial training and studying business administration, she started in the FIP department and became head of the department in 2020.

Irish Ann Doray

Irish Ann Doray is a team manager in the Financial Project Management Department as of 2020. She began working for GFA in 2017 and owns an eclectic background, being born into the Philippines and raised in Togo. She previously completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk before working within business for a decade. She then gravitated toward GFA through a combination of her language skills, that includes French, and her multicultural background. Her philosophy of life is - live life now!

Annika Holdorf

Annika Holdorf joined GFA in 2012 and has been a team manager in the Financial Project Administration Department since 2016. Her strengths lie within the financial administration of projects funded by international cooperatives and research institutions. She enables smart execution of project financing for Hamburg and abroad by coordinating her team’s work. Annika graduated in economics at Hamburg University and she speaks in four languages; German, Dutch, English and French.

Jascha Winter

Jascha Winter is a team manager in the Financial Project Management Department and has been working for GFA since 2013. He gained his economic knowledge within the context of international cooperation in Latin America where he worked on the administration of the GIZ in Nicaragua. Furthermore, he has supported an NGO in its work function while also having gained further experience as a freelance business consultant and business founder.

Britta Borkers

Britta Borkers has been working for GFA since May 2014 where she heads the financial accounting. She is responsible for the accounting of the GFA Consulting Group, selected group companies, and the consolidation of the entire GFA Group that includes the consolidated financial statements. Britta holds a degree in balance sheet accounting with accounting experience gained from various companies within Berlin and Hamburg. For the financial accounting department, broad spectrums of international projects provide various stimulating challenges and an exciting range of tasks.

Ulrich Neitzke

Ulrich Neitzke is a team manager in the Financial Accounting Department.

Peter Utermöhl

Peter Utermöhl is the director of the Controlling Department. He holds a degree in economics with additional education in controlling analysis. Peter gained experience in finance and controlling in an engineering company seperate to GFA. Starting as a one-man show in controlling and financial analysis in the early years of GFA, he contributed toward the company’s growth via developing the controlling department. He and his team aim to provide the managerial staff with all the necessary data required to successfully lead the company.

Anke Küsel

Anke Küsel is head of the Quality Management & Compliance Unit. Together with her team, she supports GFA‘s management and employees in fulfilling requirements concerning quality, compliance, data protection and security. Anke has over 25 years of professional experience in managing, implementing, and steering projects in Germany and abroad in regional economic and urban development, public works, and process management. She studied geography, economics, and business administration and completed additional education in quality management, compliance, and coaching.

Jan Lüneburg

Jan Lüneburg has been head of the newly established Advisory Unit since July 2022. With his team, he provides advice on the implementation of QMC issues, primarily for GFA‘s Technical Departments and management, in close cooperation with the QMC Unit. Jan has a multi-disciplinary background, including positions such as Military Intelligence Officer in the German Air Force. He has over a decade of experience in mid to senior-level programmatic governance/democratization positions in OSCE Field Operations in the Balkans. During this time, he frequently conceptualized, led, and managed complex reforms of organizational units. Jan joined GFA in Hamburg at the end of 2018, initially as a consultant and subsequently as a portfolio manager in the Governance Department. Jan has a law degree from the University of Konstanz/Ministry of Justice Baden Württemberg in Germany.


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