2 International Short-Term Experts on Digitalization (80 wd in total) print

Posted on:
27 May, 2021
Application by:
6 Jun, 2021
Project status:
Project title:
Bioeconomy and value chains in Brazil - Strengthening private sector engagement, cooperative management, vocational training and access to financing
Period of project:
2021/09 - 2024/01
Duration of assignment:
80 wd in total for 2 experts (20 from remote, 60 in country)
Duty station:
missions covering the project areas Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Pará
Job code:

Project description

The project aims to contribute to improving the income of organized local groups in the Amazon area through increased commercialization volumes in prioritized sectors of the inclusive and sustainable bioeconomy, namely, Brazil nut, acai berries and cocoa. Within this framework, the project contributes to the following 5 outputs:
1. Structures for strengthening priority value chains of the sustainable and inclusive bioeconomy in the Amazon are improved.
2. In priority value chains of the sustainable and inclusive bioeconomy in the Amazon, conditions are strengthened for companies to increasingly purchase products from cooperatives and associations of local communities.
3. Cooperatives and associations of local communities are strengthened in their capacities for entrepreneurial action.
4. Vocational training to strengthen entrepreneurial activities for commercializing bioeconomy products of cooperatives and associations of local communities is improved.
5. Access to private and public funding sources to expand commercialization is improved for cooperatives and associations of local communities, as well companies of the sustainable and inclusive bioeconomy.
The work is divided into 4 work packages each tackling different outputs; 1) engagement of the private sector, 2) strengthening entrepreneurial and management capacities in cooperatives and associations, 3) professional education for marketing and administration of cooperatives and associations in the bioeconomy of the Amazon and 4) financing for the sustainable and inclusive bioeconomy of the Amazon.

Job description

- Develop innovative digital solutions jointly with the “anchor cooperatives” (e.g. applications to connect producers, GIS-mapping of production sites, digital extension services, blockchain, digital marketing, etc.)
- Provide international good practises in digital approaches for value chain development
- Advise the political partner SAF and relevant federal or state institutions on options to foster digitalization in cooperatives though government programmes
- Support the inclusion of contents and methods related to digital approaches in the Capacity Building and professional education programmes


- Education/training: bachelor’s/master’s or other post-graduate degree in development studies, agriculture, organizational development, engineering, information technology or related fields
- Language: Portuguese, C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
- General professional experience: 10 years of professional experience in the digitalization of business processes
- Specific professional experience: 5 years of professional experience in international good practice in the design and implementation of innovative digital solutions for rural collective enterprises
- Regional experience: 5 years of work experience in Latin America
- Development cooperation (DC) experience: 5 years of experience in DC

- 3 year of experience in supply-chain software and/or
- 3 year of experience in setting up/working with digital rural extension services

CV template

Contact person

  Dagmar Roehr roehr@gfa-group.de

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