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Posted on:
13 Jan, 2022
Application by:
31 Jan, 2022
Project status:
Ongoing project
Project title:
Financing Facility Investing for Employment GmbH "IFE"
Duration of assignment:
short term/ intermittent
Duty station:
home based
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Project description

Financing Facility Investing for Employment GmbH "IFE"
Project Period: Five years from 09/2020 – 08/2025 (plus a potential 24-months extension phase - only in case of the client’s prior approval)
Country Offices of the IFE : Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Tunisia, Senegal and potential two more countries as per KfW decision
Project Description:
The German Government supports selected target countries in their efforts to improve their economic frameworks and investment climate in order to promote sustainable long-term investments and create additional formal jobs in the private sector. For this purpose, it is intended to establish a dedicated cross-country Financing Facility to address the main challenges preventing such investments. The ultimate objective is the job creation in selected African countries of about 100,000 new jobs within 5 years.
Via Calls for Proposal, the Facility will provide financial support (grants) for direct (SME) and indirect (Cluster, Business Environment) job creation at country level. Addressed will be hurdles and gaps in the “public domain” which form obstacles to all or many enterprises in the specific thematic window. The funding will likely have to be linked to investments, in combination with substantial own contributions and be accompanied by Project Preparation measures for implementation as needed. Projects could include and also target education and training needs that come along with a need for investment.

Job description

The Facility is equipped with its own Environmental and Social Health System (ESHS) according to the World Bank Environmental and Social Standards and KfW Sustainability Guideline and procurement guidelines.
As part of a full project proposal (FPP), each shortlisted applicant must fill in a project specific ESM framework.  They must clearly list key risk areas and proposed mitigation measures. As part of the implementation, the Country Team will monitor the projects according to these proposed frameworks; notify the Core Team on any major risks e.g. delays in applying mitigation measures or necessary investments to address the concerns, by reporting into the Facility’s central ESM system.

The ESMS Expert will be overall responsible for IFE ESMS, external and internal, covering the Call for Proposal and project implementation phase. He or she will:

Manage the Environmental and Social Health System in the Facility

  • Act as the Focal Point for all ESHS/ESMS related topics of IFE
Call for Proposal Process:
  • Conduct the preliminary E&S categorization of shortlisted projects (up to 0,5 days per CN)
  • Conduct the final E&S categorization for projects in the Due Diligence Stage (only projects which are potentially successful), up to 1 day / DD
Project in Implementation (after grant signature):
  • Prepare an ESDD (up to 8 days/ESDD)
  • Supervise the Monitoring/Reporting of the E&S Action plan (up to 4 days / projects)
  • Prepare E&S reports as per IFE guidelines (e.g. yearly E&S report due on 15. January each year), up to 1,5 days / report
  1. Prepare the legal E&S gap analysis for each IFE target country (up to 10 days/country)
  2. Lead the development of E&S training material (e.g. training PPT or videos), as per need
  3. Support the IFE team in all questions around E&S as per need
Duration of Contract and Location:
The services of the ESMS assignment will be rendered in line with the maximum number of days above per task stage, starting as soon as possible.
The expert will provide the services from his home office. For the avoidance of doubt, no project travel shall take place without the approval in writing of IFE MD and an agreement on the cost of the travel.

Contact person

  Andrea Leber

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