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Posted on:
4 Oct, 2019
Application by:
26 Oct, 2019
Project status:
Expression of interest
Project title:
Inova Climate Program (FINEP)
Duration of assignment:
up to 48 months
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Project description

Within the framework of the German Financial Cooperation (FC) with Brazil, the German government supports the Inova Climate Program. This program seeks to contribute to the development and dissemination of innovative solutions in the field of renewable energies (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) in Brazil. To this end, it is planned to grant an FC development loan to the Brazilian financial institution FINEP (Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos). A complementary measure is to accompany the project-executing agency FINEP in designing and successfully implementing the program and support the final borrowers in preparing investment proposals and monitoring the climate impacts of their projects.
Possible final borrowers are public and private enterprises, in particular energy producers, service providers and suppliers as well as plant and component manufacturers.
On the basis of the identified financing needs, four thematic areas were agreed with FINEP:
  • Alternative renewable energies (solar, wind, micro hydropower, biomass), including hybrid power plants wind/ solar PV; new technologies and applications of batteries/other energy storage devices, mini grids and decentralized energy systems;
  • Waste-to-energy concepts, including biogas, bio-fertilizer and electricity generation from sewage and digester gases; electricity generation from industrial and agricultural waste (e.g. bagasse);
  • Promotion of energy efficiency on the supply and demand side, including intelligent distribution networks (automation & monitoring); intelligent electricity meters;
  • Energy efficiency in industry (cogeneration etc.); energy efficiency in households (e.g. air conditioning, refrigerators); electro mobility; public lighting (e.g. LEDs with networked light and motion sensors).

Job description

  • Responsibility for project implementation and quality assurance in all processes;
  • Supporting the project-executing agency in the project implementation to ensure the project success;
  • Supporting the final borrowers in preparing investment proposals and monitoring the climate impacts;
  • In coordination with the pool of experts, planning and supporting the respective project activities. Including but not restricted to research, training / capacity development measures, events, meetings etc.;
  • Leading the pool of experts;
  • Identifying the needs for short-term assignments within the available budget, planning and steering the assignments, and supervising and supporting the short-term experts in fulfilling their tasks;
  • Responsibility for coordinating the respective stages and activities of the project with key stakeholders and ensuring transparency towards the partners;
  • Monitoring and documenting of work progresses in line with donor standards;
  • Responsible for financial management including the use of funds and financial planning in consultation (if applicable).


General Qualification:

  • A relevant university degree (at least BA/BSc, a higher degree is an advantage) in one of the following or closely related disciplines and subject areas: finance, banking, economics, business administration, engineering (alternatively: social sciences, public policy and administration with banking or finance background);
  • At least 10 years of relevant work experience in particular related to the financial sector.
Specific Qualification:
  • Expertise in green and / or sustainable banking (e.g. financing of renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate adaptation projects, green bonds, etc.) is required;
  • Expertise in the range of financial products and instruments for SME, corporate and project finance is required;
  • Experience in working with / in multi-stakeholder settings, including in the international development context is an advantage;
  • Proven record of successfully implemented projects in the banking / finance sector;
  • Excellent communication skills and networking capacities with regard to the design and on-going management of a consensus-building and change management;
  • Experience working with the German Development Cooperation would be an advantage;
  • Relevant working experience in Brazil is a strong asset;
  • Full proficiency in English language is mandatory;
  • Portuguese language skills are considered a strong asset;
  • German language skills are considered an advantage.

Contact person

  Romy Rösner

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