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Posted on:
9 Jul, 2019
Application by:
30 Jul, 2019
Project status:
Project title:
WAT4CAM program: Promotion of a sustainable agricultural transition
Period of project:
October 2019 - September 2023
Duration of assignment:
48 months
Duty station:
Phnom Penh
Job code:

Project description

The technical assistance project is part of the program “Water Resources Management and Agro-ecological Transition for Cambodia (“WAT4CAM”) funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD).
The project shall support the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Cambodia in better planning, coordination, and implementation of Component 4: Promotion of a sustainable agricultural transition. That includes:

  •  Institutional Support with a focus in the elaboration of (i) an irrigated climate smart agriculture strategy, (ii) finalisation and implementation of the revised rice policy, (iii) finalising and adopting the Contract Farming Manual, (iv) support to certification of quality seeds, (v) support the institutionalisation of various tools such as credit guaranty mechanisms for FO, rice observatory, Paddy Trading Platform.
  •  Agricultural extension/diversification in the irrigated Schemes and Preks: an in-depth agricultural assessment together with farmers to identify the set of agro-ecological techniques the farmers could and are willing to experiment in their plots in the irrigated schemes and Preks targeted by the Program.
  • Value Chains Support: i) continue support to farming organisations (FOs), especially FWN, PMUAC, BUAC etc.) and their newly created apex body (National Farmer Organization Federations Forum) in developing services for their members and progressively improve their autonomy, (ii) support to the commercialization via contract farming; (iii) support to the promotion of niche market rice (SRP, organic, fragrant etc.) and safe agricultural products especially for vegetable/fruit etc. and (iv) the possibility for the development of Rice Geographical Indication (GI) and branding of agricultural products.

Job description

The Team Leader will be responsible for leading and contributing to all tasks, coordinating with MAFF and AFD, enhancing coordination inside MAFF and between MAFF and MoWRAM, producers federation especially (FWUC, agricultural cooperatives, PMUAC, BUAC and members of NFCF) Service providers, and for undertaking the following activities, among others:

  • Plan and organize the activities of the whole team working on the Program;
  • Represent the project in relations with the Client and AFD/EU; and liaise with other 3 Technical assistances for implementation of WAT4CAM program
  • Act as the experts team for coordination with provincial support team in the five provinces to ensure smooth and inclusive collaboration all other 3 TAs.
  • Coordinate activities related to preparation of irrigation scheme/Prek profiles
  • Being responsible for the overall planning/design of the improvement of agro-ecological production and diversification.
  • Ensuring close collaboration with research institutions in charge of the R&D (other sub-component 4.2), validate the agro-ecological practice prior to the dissemination;
  • Provide training on agro-ecological practice; climate smart agriculture development, agricultural diversification etc.


  • Master‘s degree in agronomy or agricultural economic or agricultural related science,
  • Preferably 10 years of track record on agro-ecological extension services, climate smart agriculture development
  • Experiences in agribusiness value chain development
  • Experience with rice cultivation, vegetable/horticulture and irrigation schemes
  • Have physical health condition to perform the job with frequent travel to irrigation schemes and Preks.
  • Regional experience in South-East-Asia is required, national experience in Cambodia is preferred
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English
  • Strong communication skills and ability to liaise with various stakeholders, including government officials.

Contact person

  Regine Reuter

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