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Posted on:
7 Jun, 2021
Application by:
28 Jun, 2021
Project status:
Expression of interest
Project title:
Ecuador SinCero, Corruption Prevention, Transparency and Citizen Participation
Period of project:
01 Nov, 2021 - 01 Feb, 2023
Duration of assignment:
330 expert days
Job code:

Project description

The objective of the programme Ecuador SinCero is to create preconditions for preventing corruption in accordance to standards of international organization and initiatives. The target group is the population of Ecuador, in particular those of the decentralized autonomous governments (Gobiernos Autónomos Descentralizados, GAD) of Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. The program has 4 Outputs: Output 1 aims to strengthen the institutional capacities of state and non-state actors to prevent
corruption. Output 2 is to strengthen the capacities of state and non-state actors to implement the open government approach with regard to transparency, participation and accountability at national. Output 3 is based envisages to uncover existing corruption risks and plan targeted policies and con-crete measures in accordance with international standards and innovative approaches. Output 4 aims to improve the prerequisites for the strategic competence development of state and non-state actors in the areas of integrity and transparency. and sub-national Level.

Job description

Overall responsibility for the execution of advisory and technical assistance/consulting

Ensuring the coherence and complementarity of the services of the selected consultant
with the delivery requirements of the assignment at local and national level.

Management of the expert pool, in particular identifying the need for short-term or longterm
assignments with the GIZ advisors within the available budget, deployment/contracting of experts within the pool as requested from the GIZ advisors as well as planning and steering assignments and supporting national and international experts.

Reporting requirements and respond requests regarding the general progress of the intervention during the duration of the contact.

Coordination with the programme coordinator (AV) and the GIZ advisors.

Ensuring results monitoring is conducted with the AV.

Regular reporting in accordance with deadlines.

Responsibility for controlling the use of funds and financial planning in consultation with
GIZ advisors and the AV.

Support of the AV in the updating and/or adaptation of the conception of the programme
and reporting.

Consideration of cross-cutting issues (e.g., gender equality, human rights).


Education/training: University qualification (German ‘Diplom’/Master) in political science, administration, law, sociology, economics or other relevant subject area.

Language: Knowledge of Spanish (C2), English (C1) and German (B2) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

General professional experience: 10 years of professional experience on good governance programmes.

Specific professional experience: 3 years of experience on anti-corruption programmes.

Leadership/management experience: 5 years of management/Leadership experience as project team leader or manager of teams.

Regional experience: 10 years of experience working in good Governance programmes in the latin american region.

Experience in development cooperation: 5 years of experience in development cooperation projects

Contact person

  Britta Müller-Matthesius

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