Key Expert 2 - Improved Promotion and Marketing of Traditional Food Products print

Posted on:
4 Dec, 2018
Application by:
28 Dec, 2018
Project status:
Project title:
Improved Promotion and Marketing of Traditional Food Products
Period of project:
05/19 - 10/21
Duration of assignment:
30 months
Duty station:
Baku with travels to the regions
Job code:

Project description

The project aims to support the development of a better informed, more marketoriented and competitive small and medium sized farming agribusiness sector by increasing sales of traditionally produced agricultural and food products and which will contribute to the overall economic development of rural areas. Specific focus lies on increasing the sales of traditionally produced agricultural and food products. The project will be structured into 3 components and 6 results to be achieved:

  • Component 1: Supporting Development of Enabling Legislation
    • Result 1: More effective enabling legislation in place for facilitating increased trade in traditional food products
  • Component 2: Capacity Building
    • Result 2: Capacities of relevant authorities and farmers associations are enhanced to better develop and promote national and regional brands and product identities for traditional food products
    • Result 3: Capacities of relevant authorities and farmers associations are enhanced to better understand and develop quality assurance and product certification schemes for traditionally produced agriculture and food products
    • Result 4: Farmer markets and marketing groups trading and commercial/value chain linkages effectively operating and increasing sales of traditional agriculture and food products
    • Result 5: Value chain participants for traditional food products, in at least three pilot regions, better understanding of market opportunities and how to exploit them
  • Component 3: Improved Consumer Awareness
    • Result 6: Consumers, including schoolchildren better understanding of domestic food production, nutrition and healthy eating

Job description

The proposed Key Expert 2 will be in charge of the assessment of traditional food value chains in the country and building capacities of their producer groups. He/She shall design and implement local food concepts and marketing schmeses for traditional products. Furthermore, he/she will be responsible for assessing options in the context of introducting geographical indications schemes (GIs).


Qualifications and skills

  • At least Master's degree relevant to this tender or in its absence a bachelor's degree relevant to this tender and 3 years above the required general professional experience
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Working knowledge of Azerbaijani, Russian or Turkish is an asset

General professional experience

  • Professional experience of at least 10 years working in agricultural and/or horticultural production of which at least 3 years in the EU
  • An asset: work experience as described above in former Soviet Union countries or IPA countries in the past 5 years

Specific professional experience

  • At least 1000 work days of experience in value chain assessment and support involving the organization/strengthening of producer groups in the past 10 years
  • Previous experience in design and /or implementation of local food concepts and/or export schemes marketing produce of small and medium sized farms and/or food business operators in the last 8 years
  • An asset: Experience in implementing EU food quality policy (Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG), Organic farming) and/or producer organization policy

Contact person

  Ingrid Wawrzynowicz

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