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Posted on:
12 Aug, 2019
Application by:
31 Aug, 2019
Project status:
Project title:
Capacity Building for Kosovo in relation to the EU Common Market Organization (CMO) and Agricultural Statistics
Period of project:
11/2019 - 10/2021
Duration of assignment:
150 working days
Duty station:
Job code:

Project description

The project is aimed at supporting Kosovo's approximation to the EU's regulations and practices regarding common organization of the market in agricultural products and management of agricultural information, with the view to support its access to and competitiveness on internal and international markets in agricultural products, as well as approximation to monitoring, evaluation, reporting and communication requirements applicable at EU level for the agriculture sector.
Specific emphasis will be placed on organization of agricultural producers and marketing standards for fruits and vegetable sector. Upgrading of the existing Agricultural Information System will include developments related to the agricultural statistics (needed, inter alia, for communication and reporting to the European Commission on the market in agricultural products) but will also involve other developments, such as the upgrade of the existing Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN), Market Information System (MIS), and Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS).
Results to be achieved in the project are:

  • Result 1: National primary and secondary legislation for organization of the market in agricultural products prepared and adopted by Kosovo's relevant stakeholders, in line with the EU relevant regulations and practices.
  • Result 2:  Good institutional capacity built for implementation and enforcement of the legislation on organization of the market in agricultural products issued under this contract
  • Result 3: A comprehensive, functional and well managed Integrated Agricultural Information System (IAIS) established in Kosovo
  • Result 4: Good awareness of the relevant stakeholders and public with regards to the outcomes of this contract, so that effective implementation and enforcement of the new legislation issued becomes possible

Job description

The KE 2 will be responsible for the implementation of Result 3 related to the Integrated Agricultural Information System (IAIS).



  • A Bachelor degree in IT/engineering./mathematics;
  • A Master degree in IT/engineering/mathematics/ is an advantage
General professional experience
  • Minimum eight, preferably ten years of experience as IT expert
Specific professional experience
  • At least one year, preferably three years of experience as IT expert acquired in one or more EU Member States or enlargement countries, in development of the IT components8 of an Agriculture Information System9 aligned/approximated to the EU acquis
  • Previous experience in the Western Balkans is an advantage

Contact person

  Regine Reuter

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