Organisational Development Expert / Team Leader for a GIZ financed project

Posted on:
13 Sep, 2022
Application by:
3 Oct, 2022
Project status:
Project title:
Structuring knowledge partnerships for the circular economy
Period of project:
from mid March 2023 onwards
Duration of assignment:
551 wd
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Project description

In June 2022 the German technical cooperation in Colombia launched the “Resource-efficient circular economy” (ProUsar) project, with the objective to strengthen the innovation potential of the private sector for the implementation of a resource and climate-friendly circular economy. The project will run until June 2025. The implementing partners are the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible, MinAmbiente) and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo, Min-Comercio). The target group of the project includes specialists and managers from enterprises relevant for the three pre-selected economic sectors: textile, electric and electronic appliances, and packaging (focus on plastic packaging).

The project defines three outputs: (1) The coordination of goals, instruments, and procedures for implementing a circular economy in selected sectors of the private sector is improved; (2) Companies from selected sectors have initiated the implementation of innovative and bankable concepts for a resource- and climate-friendly circular economy, and (3) Knowledge about sustainable production and consumption patterns in the context of the circular economy has been strengthened.

The subject of this opportunity is the implementation of activities for Output 3. The work packages will primarily include: (1) structuring and establishing of three functioning knowledge partnerships across the three predefined value chains, ideally under the PREVENT Waste Alliance, (2) bringing the three knowledge partnerships into operationalization and ensuring their smooth functioning and sustainability. For the fruitful and sustainable functioning of the partnerships, it is planned to engage national and international partners from different fields (e.g., associations, think tanks, academia, NGOs, national, regional, and international organisations, private sector/ enterprises, business associations, chambers of commerce) through a variety of formats and activities, including but not limited to workshops, trainings, study tours, conferences, and hackathons.

Job description

The Team Leader will take over the responsibility for the overall implementation of the project, the achievement of requested outputs and indicators, as well as the M&E, staff management, reporting, communication and coordination tasks.

In particular, (s)he will be responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the knowledge partnerships and the related activities, as well as for facilitating coordination and cooperation within and among them. (S)he will also manage project staff, assure smooth and efficient work processes, as well as identify the needs for, plan and manage short-term expert assignments. The Team Leader will also assure integration of cross-cutting themes, such as gender equality, sustainability, and digitalization, into the project activities.

All the above tasks will be agreed upon, and coordinated with the ProUsar team, to assure the complementarity of activities, and combined contribution to all the three outputs of the project. The Team Leader will also coordinate cooperation with other projects and initiatives to seek and leverage potential synergies.

• Overall responsibility for the advisory packages, achievement of the requested outputs and target indicators
• Ensuring the coherence and complementarity of the contractor’s services with other services delivered by the project at local and national level, especially considering the interlinkages with outputs 1 and 2
• Design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the knowledge partnerships and their activities such as workshops, exchanges, conferences, and capacity development measures for local partners
• Taking cross-cutting themes into consideration (for example, gender equality, sustainability, digitalization)
• Organizing, facilitating and monitoring the coordination and cooperation across the 3 knowledge partnerships
• Staff management, in particular identifying the need for short-term assignments (international and national expert pools) within the available budget, planning and managing the assignments and supporting local and international experts
• Ensuring that monitoring procedures are carried out
• Ensure and monitor the quality assurance on tasks, formats and activities performed in the knowledge partnerships
• Regular progress reporting in accordance with deadlines
• Manage the flow of information with the ProUSAR project and where appropriate with the project partners and commissioning party Responsibility for checking the use of funds and financial planning in consultation with the officer responsible for the commission at GIZ
• Supporting the officer responsible for the commission in updating and/or adapting the project strategy, in evaluations and in preparing a follow-on phase
• Cooperation management (including communication, identification, and recruitment) with inter-national knowledge partners
• Moderation of events such as workshops, trainings, etc.


• Education/training: University degree (master’s) in international relations, international management, organizational development or in field related to circular economy (such as waste management, environment & development, environmental science/ engineering, or climate science)
• Languages: Knowledge of, Spanish C2 and English C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
• General professional experience: 15 years of professional experience in organizational development, of which 5 years of experience demonstrating technical knowledge in one of the thematic fields of the 3 knowledge partnerships
• Specific professional experience: 8 years of professional experience in the conceptualization, establishment, management and implementation of physical and virtual knowledge sharing for-mats (such as networks, thematic round tables or committees, communities of practice, research/ knowledge partnerships, south-south cooperation), of which 4 years in international knowledge partnerships or international networks including low or middle-income countries
• Leadership/management experience: 5 years of management/leadership experience as project team leader or manager in a company, private sector association, academic institution or think tank incl. financial management.
• Regional experience: 10 years of work experience in Latin America, of which 5 years in Colombia
• Development cooperation (DC) experience: 8 years of experience working on DC projects

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Contact person

  Dagmar Roehr

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