Short-term expert pool – Junior trade Advisor (support to negotiations and implementation of the AfCFTA) print

Posted on:
27 May, 2021
Application by:
12 Jun, 2021
Project status:
Project title:
Short-Term Expert Pool to support negotiations and implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
Period of project:
31.08.2021 - 31.01.2023
Duration of assignment:
Duty station:
home country / AfCFTA countries
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Project description

The GIZ African Continental Free Trade Area programme aims to improve the framework conditions for the AfCFTA. To achieve that the programme follows a multilevel approach on the continental, regional and national level. The programme supports the African Union, specifically the Department for Economic Development, Trade, Industry, Mining (ETIM) and the AfCFTA Secretariat at the continental level in the ongoing negotiations on the AfCFTA and in the implementation of the agreement. On the regional level the programme cooperates with Regional Economic Communities (RECs), specifically EAC (East African Community) and ECOWAS (Economic Community for West African States). The programme also supports Member States (mainly Ethiopia, Tunisia, Rwanda, Ghana) by working with national institutions like trade ministries and customs to implement the agreement.
The main areas of intervention of the programme are:
1. Institutional support: it aims to strengthen the capacity of the AfCFTA Secretariat, relevant departments of the AUC and selected member states to strategically steer and coordinate AfCFTA implementation.
2. Trade in services: the AfCFTA program aims to prepare the negotiations on the liberalization of trade in services. The Capacity Development (CD) measures are based on the AU Strategy for Service Sector Development, with a focus on the priority sectors of transportation and tourism.
3. Trade in goods:  the goal of this output is to improve capacities for implementing selected commitments on trade in goods. The project supports strategic competence development for experts and executives of AUC, RECs and/or ministries in the member states.
4. Investments: the project aims to improve the conditions for the content of the further negotiation phases of the member states, especially investment, competition policy and e-commerce (2nd negotiation phase: investment and competition policy; intellectual property and e-commerce/ digital trade).
5. Mainstreaming sustainability issues and stakeholder engagement: the goal is to improve the state of affairs for a sustainable implementation of the AfCFTA. Additionally, the analytical competencies of experts and managers are strengthened (including instruments such as policy impact assessment, ex-post evaluation) and competencies are developed to design any necessary trade-related adaptation measures.
Under this project, the services will be delivered mainly by short-term experts in form of technical and administrative services related to the key intervention areas of the programme in institution building, trade in services, trade in goods, investment, competition policy and e-commerce/ digital trade. Furthermore, cross-cutting areas such as sustainability, stakeholder engagement, process management and monitoring & evaluation will be included. As the AfCFTA programme is working at the continental level with the AUC Department for Economic Development, Trade, Industry, Mining (ETIM) in Addis and the AfCFTA Secretariat in Ghana as well as with regional bodies (ECOWAS and EAC) and focus countries (Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, Tunisia) the details of requested services will depend on the specific demand from these partners and will imply different locations of service delivery.

Job description

Tasks of the expert pool:
Providing the advisory services for work packages 1-4 as specified above.


  • Education/training:
    • Post-graduate university degree (Master’s or comparable) in international law or international trade law, or
    • Post-graduate university degree (Master’s or comparable) in economics, international economics or business administration.
  • Language:
    • Excellent knowledge of English, C2 (CEFR); and 
    • Excellent knowledge of French, C1 (CEFR); or
    • Excellent knowledge of Portuguese, C1 (CEFR); or
    • Excellent knowledge of Arabic, C1 (CEFR).
  • General professional experience:
    •  3 years of professional experience in international trade law; or 
    • 3 years of professional experience in international trade-related economics; or
    • 3 years of professional experience in private sector development or business development.
  • Specific professional experience:
    • 3 years of professional experience in trade in services policy, and/or
    • 3 years of professional experience in trade in goods;
    • 3 years of professional experience in advising negotiations on investment, competition policy and/ or digital trade/ e-commerce chapters in trade agreements.
  • Regional experience: 3 years of work experience in Africa outside country of birth

Contact person

  Florence Coantic

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