Technical Team Leader in solar PV technology, RTS and/grid integration of vRE print

Posted on:
13 Jul, 2021
Application by:
31 Jul, 2021
Project status:
Expression of interest
Project title:
Technical support for the implementation of the Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar (CIRTS) project in Viet Nam
Period of project:
01/2022 - 12/2023
Duration of assignment:
24 months
Job code:

Project description

The Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar (CIRTS) project aims to improve the preconditions for the development of commercial rooftop solar energy (RTS) through the analysis and assessment of prevailing applicable standards, the development and adaptation of relevant regulatory and technical regulations for RTS, the development of key stakeholders' (power sellers and purchasers) capacities for RTS development, and the support to improve the Electricity Viet Nam’s (EVN) information base for the development of RTS projects. GIZ and EREA are jointly committed to work in three Action Areas: (1) Legal and Regulatory Framework; (2) Capacity Development and (3) Technology Cooperation.
The overall coordination and quality must be assured through a Technical Team Leader, who also shall facilitate sustainable transfer of knowledge and products within GIZ and with relevant stakeholders. The technical team leader coordinates the STEs as a whole, provides senior expertise, facilitate sustainable transfer of knowledge and products within GIZ and with relevant stakeholders, and is the main liaison with CIRTS and other stakeholders

Job description

Tasks of the Technical Team Leader

  • Overall responsibility for the advisory package of the consulting firm
  • Managing and coordinating the STE pool (including proposal of experts to GIZ, support in drafting ToR, steering/coordinating assignments)
  • Liaise between the CIRTS team and coordinate all activities carried out by the expert team, coordinate with the national experts and be responsible for the quality of the deliverables
  • Ensuring the coherence and complementarity of the services of the consulting firm with other services delivered by the programme at national and regional levels
  • Quality management of deliverables (process, outputs), e.g. mission and workshop agendas, advisory process design, technical studies, training material, concept documents for mitigation measures
  • Providing ad-hoc advice on RTS and grid integration
  • Ensuring strategic decision, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of capacity development measures for partners
  • Consideration of cross-cutting themes (e.g. poverty alleviation, gender equality, digitalization, etc.)
  • Personnel management, in particular identifying the need for short-term assignments within the available budget, as well as planning and steering assignments and supporting local and international short-term experts
  • Ensuring results monitoring is conducted
  • Regular reporting in accordance with deadlines
  • Responsibility for controlling the use of funds and financial planning in consultation with GIZ’s officer responsible for the commission
  • Supporting the officer responsible for the commission in updating/adapting the project strategy, in evaluations and in preparing a follow-on phase
  • Supporting the development and implementation of a results-based monitoring and verification system for CIRTS
  • Ensure sharing of tools, experiences and lessons learned within GIZ and with interested stakeholders
  • Contribute to the identification of potential project opportunities and development of project proposals, as appropriate


  • Doctorate degree in engineering (energy), economics, policy, or other relevant field of study
  • Excellent language skills in English (equivalent to C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • twenty (20) years in the energy sector
  • twenty (20) years in solar PV technology, RTS and/grid integration of vRE
  • ten (10) years as project team leader or manager in a company
  • twenty (20) years in projects dealing with the Asia region
  • ten (10) years with DC projects
  • Demonstrated experience in financial management

Contact person

  Regine Reuter

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