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Posted on:
13 Jan, 2022
Application by:
31 Jan, 2022
Project status:
Ongoing project
Project title:
Financing Facility Investing for Employment GmbH (IFE)
Duration of assignment:
short term (March 2022-December 2022)
Duty station:
home based
Job code:

Project description

Financing Facility "Investing for Employment" GmbH or short "IFE"

Project Period: Five years from 09/2020 – 08/2025 (plus a potential 24-months extension phase - only in case of the client’s prior approval)
Project Country Offices: Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Tunisia, Senegal and potentially two more countries as per KfW decision
Project Description:
The German Government supports selected target countries in their efforts to improve their economic frameworks and investment climate in order to promote sustainable long-term investments and create additional formal jobs in the private sector. For this purpose, a dedicated cross-country Financing Facility was established to address the main challenges preventing such investments. The ultimate objective is the job creation in selected African countries of about 100,000 new jobs within 5 years.
Via Calls for Proposal, the Facility provides financial support (grants) for direct (SME) and indirect (Cluster, Business Environment) job creation at country level. Addressed will be hurdles and gaps in the “public domain” which form obstacles to all or many enterprises in the specific thematic window. The funding is linked to investments, in combination with substantial own contributions and be accompanied by Project Preparation measures for implementation, as needed. Projects could include and also target education and training needs that come along with a need for investment.

Job description

The objectives of this assignment are threefold and consist of:

1. Assist the IFE Programme in the Concept Note (CN) Assessment Phase

  • a formal eligibility check
  • a technical assessment of the CN submitted
  • a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) assessment of the CN submitted
  • a plausibility test of each of the projects preliminary shortlisted
  • drafting of a Briefing Note for each of the projects finally shortlisted

2. Assist the IFE Programme in the Due Diligence (DD) Phase

  • an initial quick review of the received FPP to sort out projects, that do not qualify because of non-compliance with the IFE basic conditions
  • a risk-based DD report with justified recommendations on conditions to approve a project (or alternatively a justified negative recommendation
  • occasionally a proposal for technical assistance to a project according to the IFE policy on the Project Preparation Budget (PPB)

3. Assist the IFE Programme in contracting the successful Applicants:

  • prepare a Letter of Intent (LoI) to the Applicant
  • contribute the project specific annexes to the Grant and Separate Agreement

Apart from the above-stated basic tasks of the Evaluator, he/she shall also:

  1. Participate in the IFE on-boarding/training/coaching and mentoring activities organised by IFE and to which the Evaluator is invited
  2. Participate in the IFE-organised individual and/or group-based reporting or evaluator review activity to which the Evaluator is invited
  3. Perform other relevant tasks as may be requested by the IFE management
  4. Participate in presenting the DD-report to the KfW committee and finalize the DD-report according to the committee’s approval conditions


Qualifications and skills:

  • University degree in relevant fields such as business administration, economics, technical engineering or similar field which may be relevant to the requirements of the Call for Proposals assessment
  • Excellent written and oral communication and reporting skills in English and or respectively French
  • Full computer literacy
General experience:
  • Minimum of 8 years of professional overall experience
  • Practical Experience in projects of Social Infrastructure Investment Funds or Infrastructure Implementation (such as water, sewerage, education, transport, energy) or similar fields
  • Preferably regional experience (Sub Sahara Africa and Northern Africa)
Specific professional experience
  • Experience in assessing and scoring Concept Notes and carrying out fully fledged project due diligences
  • Experience in contracting financial agreements, especially  grant agreements would be an advantage
  • Experience in the management of grant finance cycle is an asset
  • Experience in analyzing individual project proposals by private companies and/or public bodies (primarily with a focus on municipalities) with a particular focus on:
    1. Technical and Financial Assessment of the Project Proposal 
    2. Project KPIs in terms of, in particular, job creation, professional skills’ enhancement and improving income and working conditions is considered an asset
Duration of Contract and Location:

The services of the assignment will be contracted by a framework agreement for a total of up to 25  expert working days per project and a maximum of 150 expert working days in total to be delivered between 1st March and 31st December 2022. The Expert services will normally be delivered on a home-based basis, though international and/or local travel may be required. Such travel will always be subject to prior approval in writing by IFE and will be in line with the travel guidance instructions at time in vigour within the IFE programme.

Contact person

  Andrea Leber leber@gfa-group.de

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