ART meets GFA – Camilla Kuckartz

Posted on 7 May, 2018 by Camilla Kuckartz

Photographs of the life of former street boys from Rwanda are currently on display at GFA headquarters. The exhibition titled “A Thousand Voices from a Thousand Hills” is the result of a joint project in 2012 with a group of street boys in a facility called Centre Marembo, a street kids centre in Kigali, Rwanda. The main objective of the project was to bring out a clear impression of the actual situation on the ground, as opposed to hearsay in the media.

Camilla Kuckartz, a consultant within GFA’s Africa Department, has worked with the 28 boys from Centre Marembo since 2008, remaining close to them since the facility closed its doors in 2013. In addition to the photos displayed here, the exhibition presents handwritten autobiographical records of the – then – children. In these personal notes, the boys elaborate on their life situation, dreams and plans for their future.  For most of them, an update of their situation in 2018 is included next to the displayed photos, or in the collection of handwritten notes.

The work of Camilla Kuckartz is on exhibition at GFA headquarters from May to the end of August 2018.