App development for Digitalizing Agricultural Credit Monitoring and Risk Management

Posted on 12 Nov, 2018 by Felix Stiegler

GFA is exploring the potential of innovative ICT-based tools & applications to support agricultural loan monitoring and risk management to enhance sustainable agricultural smallholder finance in developing countries. In cooperation with the public agricultural bank AGROBANCO in Peru, GFA developed and piloted the “GeoBancoVerde” application. The app represents an innovative software solution aiming at improving gathering and monitoring of information relevant for the risk estimation of agricultural loans. The tool combines off-line geo-referencing of financed land plots with multi-layer mapping. It facilitates at the same time the digitization of work-flows and ensures fraud resistance. It can be combined with Remote Sensing based crop yield monitoring and forecasting for continuous agricultural productivity monitoring, which can be integrated into the PFIs’ risk management processes. Through the multi-layer approach, the app can also facilitate application of social and environmental safeguards and eligibility criteria. The functionality of the application is easily replicable and specifically designed for the particularities of sustainable agricultural finance in remote areas.
GFA presents the App at the European Microfinance Week, 14 – 16 November 2018

Visit the panel: Digital solutions for sustainable smallholder agrifinance
15 November, 2018, 15:45 - 17:15
Moderator: Alexandre Nayme, BNP Paribas


David Solis (GFA) will present GeoBancoVerde”, an innovative software solution recently piloted by the public bank AGROBANCO in Peru. The tool combines off-line geo-referencing with multi-layer deforestation mapping and environmental impact scoring, while facilitating at the same time the digitization of work-flows and ensuring fraud resistance.

Davide Forcella present a worldwide sectorial study carried out by YAPU solutions with the aim to assess the present status, challenges and forthcoming opportunities for credit provision to smallholders, micro and small rural enterprises, and the role that information technology plays, or could play, in supporting agricultural, livestock or rural lending, also including green and climatic dimensions.

Dirk Lebe has worked in cocoa with 150,000+ farmers and speaks about their program in which they use a software called CocoaTrace. With this software, they collect farmers’ data to manage the cocoa program and have data on demographics, GPS/polygons, agricultural behavior, environment, finance, nutrition, poverty, etc.
Mariel Mensink, as member of the NpM ExCom of the Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food trajectory,  presents six solutions to promote financial inclusion of smallholders, using different technologies and different concepts. NpM has also organized the NpMInnovator’s Challenge where they have worked with 17 tech companies and Accenture in an accelerator program to work on solutions that suit farmers and financial institutions. In the framework of this challenge, Mariel is responsible for one of the pilot projects in Ethiopia where geodata is part of the credit scoring. The Challenge selection criteria is based on NpM’s  inventoryof the different technologies.
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