Art meets GFA

Posted on 1 Aug, 2017 by Beate Friedrichsen

Starting in August and until the end of November2017, GFA Consulting Group in Hamburg will host an exhibition of a Cuban-German group of artists. In their work, William Baró Griñan, Guillermo Cruz Solís and Yamil Pedroso Cordero from Cuba as well as Karen Ranke from Germany address the social and political change currently happening in Cuba. The resumption of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the USA in 2014, after half a century of limited communication with the West, triggered a process, and there is no telling yet what the long-term consequences for the islanders will be.

In contemporary Cuba, two eras, two vanishing points, two visions meet each other. The exhibition "Puertas Abiertas – Open doors: Cuba in times of change" takes up the challenge to explore this space of undiscovered shapes and forms, and fill it with images.

The exhibition incorporates 33 works of art, both photographs and paintings, from 2012-2015 which were first presented at the Berliner Organ Kritischer Kunst in September 2016, embedded in an extensive supporting program (see In November 2016, seven representative works of art were shown at a culture festival in Bonn.

About the artists
William Baró Griñan (*1982) is a photographer and documentary film maker for the Latin America TV channel TeleSUR.
Guillermo Cruz Solís (*1987) is a painter and photographer. He had individual and group exhibitions in Cuba and abroad, amongst others in the Cuban embassy in Paris.
Yamil Pedroso Cordero (*1980) is a painter who has participated in group exhibitions in museums and other cultural activities in Havana. He specializes in digital painting (Wacom Intuos Tablet, Photoshop).
Karen Ranke (*1989) did her Masters in Global Studies at the HU Berlin. She is a Junior Professional at the German UNESCO Commission. Karen conducted research at the regional office of UNESCO in Havana in Summer 2015. That is when she met Yamil, Guillermo and William, and that is when the idea for this exhibition was born.
Karen Ranke
 >> Exhibition Puertas Abiertas (PDF)