Art meets GFA – Fariborz Rahnama

Posted on 10 Apr, 2019 by Beate Friedrichsen

Images that appear simple at first glance turn out to be multi-layered reactions to social and personal development when one gets involved with them and tries to read them. Images that came to mind of artist Fariborz Rahnama after he had a serious accident push outward and aim at emotions and empathy. Without imposing an opinion on us, his paintings warn of the dangers involved in human "fantasies of omnipotence". Powerful, relaxed and independent of mainstream ideas, expectations of art are disappointed in favor of very individual impressions. Similar to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fariborz Rahnama does not follow familiar styles, models and genres but rather creates his own, almost archaic pictorial language. Strong forms and colors alternate with delicate drawings and symbols. Clear but puzzling, the pictures immerse observers in a world that seems strange, yet familiar - a world many would like to forget or not look at. But the artist's intention is not to frighten or shock. His uncomfortable, counterintuitive works raise awareness about what triggers contradiction and supression.

The Iranian actor living in Bremen certainly surprises his audience with his visual and formal language. His pictures are on display in the main building, second floor on the right at GFA Headquarters in Volksdorf until the end of July. Persons interested may contact the reception.

Fariborz Rahnama