Art meets GFA – Oscar Dröge

Posted on 4 Sep, 2018 by Beate Friedrichsen

The colored wood carvings of the Oskar Dröge (1898 – 1983) estate are exhibited at the GFA premises until the end of September. Such carvings were Dröge's passion but he also created oil and watercolor paintings. He lived at an artist retreat, KünstlerkolonieHeikendorf, for a while and worked mostly in Northern Germany, at last in Duvenstedt for many years.


Oskar Dröge was a landscape artist who focused on the sea and shore lands. He became renowned for the colored wood carvings now on display at GFA. He took the Japanese techniques of this art form as an inspiring example. He used up to five wooden panels, one for each color, which imparted his artwork and color schemes with great mastery and expression.
Oskar Dröge was an artist who could make ends meet by means of his artwork. His works of art were much appreciated not only in Germany and England but also by Japanese art connoisseurs. The exhibits displayed at GFA will be for sale.