Biodiversity conservation puts a bee in GFA's bonnet

Posted on 3 Jul, 2018 by Elfriede Maussner

In spring 2018, GFA's workforce increased sharply when 5,000 bees and their queen found a home on the roof of the company's new building. Two GFA employees, Till Loeper und Benjamin Straube, were the brains behind the initiative. As they have been supervising two colonies of bees as amateur beekeepers they asked themselves whether a beehive could be set up on the large GFA premises. After all, biodiversity conservation and sustainability are major issues of their daily work at GFA. Bees are indispensable for plant life and agriculture. Honey bees are second to none in terms of effective pollination. But they are a greatly endangered species, just as their fellows in the wild. Hence - why not only protect bees and biodiversity in projects abroad but also at GFA's doorstep, respectively roof top? And that is how bees moved in with GFA. With a bit of luck, GFA will have its own honey next year.