EU Public Health Institutes Programme presented at two conferences

Posted on 25 Oct, 2017 by Heiko Könistein

GFA Medica presents the EU Supporting Public Health Institutes Programme (SPHIP) at two renowned public health conferences, the European Congress on Tropical Medicine andInternational Health in Antwerpen on 16-20 Oct, 2017 and the European Public Health Conference in Stockholm on 1-4 Nov, 2017. GFA implements the monitoring facility for the SPHIP and has supported the creation of a SPHIP newsletter 10/2017, which showcases the successes of the eight beneficiaries of the SPHIP.

The objectives of the SPHIP monitoring framework are technical support in project management, improvement of global coherence, efficiency and visibility of individual projects in eight different low-income countries, and monitoring of program progress. To this end, project beneficiaries and their consortium partners in other low-income countries, and the European Delegations are supported by the GFA Team. In addition, GFA supports EU DEVCO B4 in Brussels with the strategic planning of a second phase of the program.

>> Download PDF Newsletter SPHIP 10/2017