Electricity System Emission Factor updated for the Southern Africa and Development of a Financing Mechanism

Posted on 14 Jun, 2017 by Martin Burian - GFA Competence Center for Climate & Energy

With financial support from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Southern African Power Pool and GFA updated an emission factor covering the electricity system of nine interconnected countries in Southern Africa. The emission factor recently passed validation by TUEV.

To support the approval of the emission factor and its submission to UNFCCC, GFA and the UNFCCC Secretariat organized a joint workshop with involving the climate change negotiators / delegates of the nine interconnected African countries. The workshop took place on the 9th May in Bonn at the brink of the UNFCCC negotiations process and allowed discussing the emission factor setting but also financing needs for different renewable energy technologies considering levelized electricity generation costs for different fuels and technologies.

GFA and the power pool will in a next step engage in the development of a regional financing instrument supporting the bankability / financial closure of renewable energy projects in southern Africa.