GFA BRIDGES - supported projects in 2017

Posted on 11 Dec, 2017 by Heiko Weißleder

GFA does not give Christmas presents to its business partners, but donates the equivalent amount (€ 20,578) to five different social projects selected by GFA BRIDGES in Burundi/Rwanda, Madagascar, India, Brazil and the DR of the Congo. We are sure that this is also in your interes. As an expression of the social commitment by GFA staff, we foster small projects in developing, newly industrializing and transition countries. GFA staff and their dependents propose eligible projects in which they are actively involved.  A limited number of these projects are selected and financed by GFA on the basis of transparent criteria. GFA staff coordinates and supervises the implementation of these projects. Happily, this year we received an incredible 21 proposals from GFA employees, competing to fund a diverse range of impactful projects around the globe. This meant that some tough decisions needed to be made by the selection panel. For further information refer to our website:


We wish all clients, consultants, members of statt, service providers and friends a joyful holiday season and all the best for 2018.