Public administration reform project launched in Morocco

Posted on 21 Sep, 2017 by Sahra El Fassi and Franziska Helbig

GFA Consulting Group together with the Ministry of Civil Service and Modernization of Administration (MFPMA) launched the EU-funded public administration reform project HAKAMA in Rabat on 11 September, 2017.

The general objective of the project is to strengthen public governance in Morocco through the mobilization of high-level expertise contributing to the realization of reforms related to the modernization of public administration.

The project’s multinational expert team is based within the Ministry of Public Service and Modernization of Administration (MFPMA), and will closely collaborate with MFPMA staff in order to best respond to the specific needs of the public administration in Morocco. In this way, the project will provide options for action and advice to national officials, aimed at accomplishing the various reform goals and priorities, grouped around three components: (1) Improved relations between the administration and citizens and the quality of public services; (2) public governance and transparency and (3) valorization of human capital within the administration.

In addition to supporting these three themes of cross-sectoral and horizontal reforms across the administration, the project will also contribute to activities linked to a vertical theme which is related to boost the management capacities of the MPFMA, which has the primary responsibility in promoting a modern public administration.