Basic Education for Afghan Refugees (BEFARe)

GIZ, 2012 - 2013
Contract value: 64,265 EUR

In the evaluation cycle 2012/2013, GIZ conducted independent portfolio evaluations with a sector focus on education. These evaluations were steered by the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and commissioned to independent institutes or consulting firms with a proven record in evaluation. The Basic Education for Afghan Refugees (BEFARe) project was supported since 1990. Due to the continuing presence and poverty of Afghan refugees in the North-West Frontier Province, the project was extended several times. Phase six of the project ended in June 2007.

The project objective was: To improve the quality of basic education for Afghan refugees with regard to greater participation by communities and taking particular account of women and girls and their living and working situations.

The intended results were to enable increasing numbers of refugees to assume responsibility for their own development, to train primary school teachers, conduct an extra-curricular training program and to provide appropriate educational material. In addtion, the professional skills of the staff of the NGO BEFARe, set up by the project, was to be improved and Afghan employees within the project and its environment were to be prepared for repatriation.

GFA was responsible for preparing and conducting the individual evaluation, for quality assurance and for reporting on the evaluation. The evaluation aimed to rate the success of the development measure.


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