C³ Management training & Capacity Development strategy - SEDEP – phase I + II

GIZ, 2014 - 2019
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In Afghanistan, GFA is implementing Field of Action (I) of the Sustainable Economic Development and Employment Generation Programme (SEDEP) of GIZ, which aims to increase employment and incomes in selected economic sectors promoted in the north of Afghanistan. The project is focusing on the six northern provinces and is pursuing a value chain approach for five agriculture-based products (poultry products, horticulture, dairy products, wheat, almonds). Besides the project activities, the approach is to gradually move responsibility and management tasks to local staff by building their capacity.

Therefore, the C³ Unit for Better Learning developed a tailor made five-day training course addressing the 18 management and coordinating staff from SEDEP. The topics included presentation and communication skills, Reporting structure and processes as well as M & E procedures and individual stress management.

In the second phase of SEDEP II, the Capacity development approach moved from the micro to the meso level. Therefore, the project had to validate and develop their CD strategy for the second phase. The C³ Training Unit developed a training strategy following the GIZ Capacity Works guidelines in order to take a holistic approach and cover all levels of capacity development. The CD strategy elaborates a suitable training approach and differentiates between training formats e.g. technical training, train-the-trainer courses or organizational development activities. Furthermore, it reveals specific activities to tackle the divers training needs of the main target groups from the different sectors.

Phase I: 12/2014 - 02/2018; 14,905 € for C³ activities

Phase II: 03/2018 – 12/2019; 6,299 € for C³ activities




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