Data Quality Audits and Local Fund Agent

TGF, 2011 - 2014
Contract value: 394,989 EUR

The Data Quality Audit verified the reported performance and enhanced the monitoring and reporting systems of the principal recipients of funds provided by the Global Fund.
The Data Quality Audit was a critical component of the performance-based funding model of the Global Fund. Data served as a basis for Global Fund’s decisions on periodic disbursements and Grant renewals. Through the Data Quality Audit, the Global Fund ensured that Principal Recipients reported valid, accurate and high quality data on program implementation.
The DQA comprised two main components: Assessment of data management and reporting systems, and the verification of reported data for key indicators at selected sites:

1. The purpose of the Assessment of Data Management and Reporting Systems was to identify potential risks to data quality created by the data management and reporting systems at three levels: (a) the Program/Project M&E Unit, (b) the service delivery sites, and (c) any intermediary level – e.g. districts, regions (at which reports from service delivery sites are pooled prior to sending to the Program/Project M&E Unit, or other relevant levels). The assessment of the data management and reporting systems took place in two stages: an off-site desk audit of documentation provided by the Program/Project and on-site follow-up assessments at the Program/Project M&E Unit and at selected service delivery sites and intermediate aggregation levels (districts, regions).

2. The purpose of the verification of the reported data for key indicators at selected sites was to assess on a limited scale if service delivery and intermediate aggregation sites were collecting and reporting data accurately and on time. To do this, the DQA determined whether a few Service Delivery Points accurately recorded the activity related to the selected indicators on source documents, and then traced that data to see if it had been correctly aggregated and/or otherwise manipulated as it was submitted from the initial Service Delivery Points through intermediary levels to the Program/Project headquarters.


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