Digital mapping of solar PV electrification initiatives for public institutions in Ethiopia - EPEPI

GIZ, 2020 - 2022
Contract value: 210,169 EUR

The program Energising Development Ethiopia (EnDev) supports a sustainable supply of energy services to lower-income households, public institutions and small to medium sized enterprises with a focus on rural areas. EnDev is part of a multi-donor and multi-implementer global programe currently implemented in twenty-five developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The programe is in its third phase, which runs from 2019 to 2022. 

In Ethiopia, the program works in cooperation with the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE) and supports the establishment of markets for modern and sustainable energy supply based on three types of services: (1) supporting the dissemination of energy efficient cook stoves, (2) promoting and financing the installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems and (3) developing and upgrading of micro hydropower village electricity grid. In relation to the second point, one of the core activities of the project concerns the installation of solar systems for public institutions (PI) such as schools, health centers and community centers.

Against this background, the objective of this assignment was the development of a user-friendly, one-stop-shop-type digital mapping system featuring information of the major existing or planned PI electrification initiatives in Ethiopia as well as an interactive database and a digital map allowing to trace the existing or planned solar PV systems installed by these initiatives. In addition, the key information of the mapping and database was compiled to a report that can be shared as PDF-document with any interested party. The developed system called Ethiopian Portal for the Electrification of Public Institutions - EPEPI.


Energy Efficiency
Digital Innovation


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