Energy Efficiency, phase I

Bosnia and Herzegovina
GIZ, 2010 - 2013
Contract value: 1,348,675 EUR

The aim of the project was to strengthen the role of municipalities to become a driving force for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, it assisted the harmonization of laws and guidelines at the national level in support of the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (MoFTER).  In light of this, the project promoted the political and technical dialogue in the area of energy efficiency. It strengthened the capacities of municipalities through consultancy in training in establishing and operating municipal energy management systems (MEMS). Additionally, relevant networks and institutions were assisted to systematically upscale and disseminate experiences and services developed under the project. Areas of intervention included:

Introduction of energy management systems and related tools

Strengthen the capacities of municipalities to set-up and operate a municipal energy management system in order to identify, plan, implement and monitor appropriate EE measures.

Communication platforms for policy dialogue and technical exchange

  • Strengthen municipal associations and other energy-related institutions to foster countrywide knowledge exchange on energy management and EE measures.
  • Establish municipal associations as a dialogue / communication channel for EE between local, entity and national government in order to enhance policies and framework conditions for municipal EE activities (policy dialogue).

Development and upscaling of tools and services

  • Develop tools for energy management which are offered to municipal clients through public or private institutions.
  • Implement Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) in municipalities, in line with the standards of the European Covenant of Mayors.



Energy Efficiency


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