Incorporating climate risk considerations in urban planning - CRISC

GIZ, 2021 - 2023
Contract value: 1,217,046 EUR

At its heart, CRISC tackled the core issue of national and local-decision makers in urban development who were not in a position to systematically shape their development and investment planning both in a climate-sensitive manner and in accordance with the local needs of the vulnerable population. The project used the methodological approach of promoting planning capacities and investment decisions for climate resilient and inclusive urban development through training and advisory services. These capacity-building and advisory services aimed at national level at the professional and managerial staff of the National Building Authority for Local Governments (LGED - the lead implementing agency) and the Urban Planning Office, Urban Development Directorate (UDD), whilst at local level aimed at members of municipal administrations and civic participation bodies in five pilot cities: Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi, Satkhira and Sirajganj.

The three outputs of CRISC were as follows: (1) The consideration of climate risks is piloted in the urban development planning of two cities; (2) investments for urban development are planned in four cities in a climate-sensitive, gender-sensitive and inclusive manner; (3) dialogue processes and knowledge exchange for the promotion of climate resilience in cities are improved.

GFA and its consortium partner Tiller are mainly responsible for the implementation of output 1 (80%) and partly output 2 (20%). The first work package seeks to contribute to the improvement of climate-resilient urban development planning by piloting the development of climate resilient urban development plans in the two pilot cities of Sirajganj and Satkhira. This includes the gathering and generation of data and information on climate risks and the integration of risk information and suggested adaptation measures into integrated urban plans of the two pilot cities (secondary cities). The second work package aims to ensure that climate risk information is considered in urban investment planning.




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