Burundi, Democratic Republic Congo, multi-country, Rwanda, Uganda
GIZ, 2020 - 2022
Contract value: 749,630 EUR

The Great Lakes Region, (GLR), has endured multiple wars and cross-border conflicts over the past decades; with some of these still remaining unresolved. The most vulnerable sectors of society are the most heavily affected by such overall circumstances. Since conflicts impact several countries, peace building initiatives are best focused on the region.  To this end, the GIZ developed a Regional Project for Peace and Security in the Great Lakes Region, aimed at reinforcing the  International Conference on the Great Lakes Region´s (ICGLR) peace and security program. The development and implementation of a comprehensive peace education program for formal and informal education in the four pilot countries: Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, is an important pillar of this regional project for the Great Lakes Region. The program aims to make the crucial contribution to gradually shift the culture of violence away and to introduce a culture of peace, while preventing violent conflicts and spreading the awareness for human rights within society. It also aims at fostering cooperation between conflict-torn countries while facilitating peaceful dialogue.


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