Program for food security (ProSecAl)

GIZ, 2015 - 2017
Contract value: 1,745,020 EUR

The objective of the Multi-Sectoral Program for Food Security in Togo (ProSecAl) is to improve the nutrition conditions of children (0-23 months) and their mothers (15-49 years) in the Region Maritime in Togo. GFA works to improve the nutritional status of 6,000 pregnant women, mothers and young children who will gain access not merely to adequate calories but to the healthy and nutritious food that is essential for their physical and mental well-being.

Food insecurity is a complex challenge. All four pillars of food security – access, availability, use and stability – must be safeguarded. Causes of food insecurity vary from region to region but cultural factors, lack of nutritional awareness, poor hygiene and an absence of health services play a key role.

GFA is responsible for the coordination of the entire program in Togo. The measures needed are complex and must focus not only on food but also on water, hygiene and sanitation, health care, nutritional awareness and social security. Training will be provided to communal health workers, agricultural extension agents and other important stakeholders for community-based work to sensitize the target group. We use a community-based approach to increase the knowledge of the targeted women and to bring nutrition and food security on the agenda of village councils etc., hence making a big effort towards achieving a sustainable impact of sensibilisation campaigns. This type of action to eradicate structural hunger and malnutrition among mothers and infants is one of the most effective forms of investment in the future.

An important task is the collaboration with and active support of the Togolese Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture in their respective implementation and commitments to international food security initiatives such as Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) and AGIR. Best practices from the project are fed into these processes.

The project team is closely cooperating with public health centres and is multiplying the impact of equal campaigns run by local NGOs through local subsidies. In addition, the project team oversees the technical implementation and impact monitoring for local financing contracts with NGOs managed by GIZ.


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